How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare

​The company, which provides content delivery network services, on top of that improves security against DDoS plus many other improvements.

​What is shared hosting

​Probably cheapest solution for small projects, when many websites may be hosted on one server.

​How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare:

  • Create Cloudflare account if you haven’t got one yet
  • Add new domain name you have purchased already- I use NameCheap as my registar
  • Cloudflare will give you name servers you will have to add to your registered domain
  • Now you will have to direct from Cloudflare to your shared hosting
  • Got to Cloudflare dashboard DNS settings and add these
cloudflare dns records dashboard

​* Get server ip from your hosting provider!

1.Type: A record

name: @

ipv4 address: server ip

2. Type: CNAME

name: www

ipv4 address:

3. Type: MX record

name: @


priority: 0

timetolive (TTL): 14400

4. Type A record

name: mail

ipv4 address: server ip (set to DNS only)

By entering 1 and 2 records website will work. 

3 and 4 records (optional) So you could send and get emails via server. This is a must in my opinion because I use my blog for email marketing​.

​Here is a real-time speed test of websites, one of them simply uses shared hosting and another routed via Cloudflare. 

​Hostgator shared hosting vs Cloudflare speed test

YouTube video

​By the way: I’ve got a free SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare as well,- this is a must for every website these days.

cloudflare ssl settings
cloudflare ssl

​Cloudflare cdn started working an my website loads faster.

Cloudflare wordpress blog loading time

​I hope, this short guide will help you to connect the dots…

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