How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare

I was always interested on how to make my website to load faster and you probably already read my WordPress optimization guide here. Still after changing domain name, I’ve decided to route my domain via Cloudflare directly, because shared Hostgator server does not load fast enough… 

In this short guide I will show you How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare

Company, which provides content delivery network services, on the top of that improves security against DDoS plus many other improvements.

What is shared hosting

Probably cheapest solution for small projects, when many websites may be hosted on one server.

How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare:

  • Create Cloudflare account if you haven’t got one yet
  • Add new domain name you have purchased already- I use NameCheap as my registar
  • Cloudflare will give you name servers you will have to add to your registered domain
  • Now you will have to direct from Cloudflare to your shared hosting
  • Got to Cloudflare dashboard DNS settings and add these
cloudflare dns records dashboard

* Get server ip from your hosting provider!

1.Type: A record

name: @

ipv4 address: server ip

2. Type: CNAME

name: www

ipv4 address:

3. Type: MX record

name: @


priority: 0

timetolive (TTL): 14400

4. Type A record

name: mail

ipv4 address: server ip (set to DNS only)

By entering 1 and 2 records website will work. 

3 and 4 records (optional) So you could send and get emails via server. This is a must in my opinion, because I use my blog for email marketing.

Here is a real time speed test of websites, one of them simply use shared hosting and another routed via Cloudflare. 

Hostgator shared hosting vs Cloudflare speed test

By the way: I’ve got free SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare as well,- this is a must for every website these days.

cloudflare ssl settings
cloudflare ssl

Cloudflare cdn started working an my website loads faster.

Cloudflare wordpress blog loading time

I hope, this short guide will help you to connect the dots...

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