How to track links and funnels Clickmagick review

When I have just started my affiliate marketing journey I
have had no idea how to track links, so just after a year of pain I have found
and using till now tracking service, which makes my life much easier as
internet marketer,- Clickmagick review.

The problem was I could not see proper stats on my activities and the payed advertising campaigns. E.g. you share link on social media,- how many clicks and how many goes through my sales funnels.

You have launched advertising campaign,- what are the exact results? Is it worth to invest more or stop. The thing is I was not sending traffic straight to sales page, I usually tried to send people to blog post or landing page and just later on wanted to convert these visitors into customers. So my main goal become get traffic and capture it, just later on recommending something to buy, when visitor becomes warm lead.

I was not using Facebook or Google payed advertising, but rather was looking and buying traffic from private personas. The reason I was looking this way is: they have had build audience already, which is in my niche and I could get it cheaper than anywhere else.

Guess what?- even if you pay someone to get traffic, some of them will try to cheat. Yes, some of these sellers are greedy and want just to get money in the pocket for poor service. So my link tracking service was able to identify and filter results instantly,- I usually go with reasonable sum just to test and see if traffic is converting, just later on scaling by investing more only in successful campaign.

I just do not want any bot traffic or any non targeted people to reach my information. I want only certain countries to access it and only people, speaking in certain language.

Another great option is A/B testing. If you drive traffic to your landing page or sales page,- I always want to know, which one converts better and be notified about that instantly, while my campaign is still active. I can then make changes to certain pages or just stop sending traffic to that url.

Watch this video to see me creating tracking link

If you are internet marketer, just like me, you definitely want to try this tool, because numbers never lie.

What is Clickmagick

  • It is a service that lets you track links and funnels
  • Split test links
  • Filter traffic from certain countries and redirect it where you want
  • It will work everywhere you advertise
  • You can add retargeting to any link
  • Absolutely does not impact loading speed
  • Click rotator for traffic sellers
  • Fantastic support and knowledge help library

So far,- the best tool on the market to track links, which I recommend to all my friends in online business.

I hope this short introduction to Clickmagick review will help you decide and you will integrate tracking in your business.

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