ClickFunnels Actionetics Review (2023)

What is ClickFunnels Actionetics

Actionetics is a built-in automated correspondence marketing feature of ClickFunnels that helps with the follow-up. It sends emails, text messages (SMS integration with Twilio), and more.

ClickFunnels, for those of you who aren’t aware, is a program that allows entrepreneurs/ marketers to set up their webpage with sales funnels that converts visitors to customers. ClickFunnels helps guide visitors through a website, point visitors to the one product or service they need, and then follow up with visitors and customers.

It is not a stand-alone program that you can use from ClickFunnels. You will need to get the larger bundle from ClickFunnels.

Built in apps

clickfunnels actionetics review built in apps
  • Email messages– Send email to your contacts.
  • SMS messages– reach contacts directly even if they have internet turned off.
  • Desktop messages– browser push notifications on mobile or desktop device.
  • Facebook messages– for everyone who wants to communicate via Facebook page. (includes opt-in messanger checkboxes on your behalf).

How Much Actionetics Costs

As mentioned earlier, you cannot purchase ClickFunnels Actionetics on its own. For the basic ClickFunnels subscription, without Actionetics, the subscription fee will be $97 a month. For ClickFunnels Platinum, including Actionetics, the subscription fee will be $297 a month. If you want Actionetics, you will need to upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum.

ClickFunnels does offer a free 14-day trial currently. You can do a free trial for either the basic plan or the Platinum plan. It is worth subscribing to the Platinum plan if you are interested in trying out ClickFunnel Actionetics specifically.

Product:ClickFunnels Platinum
Price:$297 / month
Free trial:Yes, 14 days FREE 

How to Use ClickFunnels Actionetics

actionetics dashboard

Actionetics is relatively simple and hassle-free. Below are the 6 steps on how to use Actionetics:

Step #1: Create a list of criteria. Create a “smart list” that provides criteria for the individuals you want to send an email to. Actionetics will then list everyone that meets that criteria, allowing you to send emails to your target audience.

Step #2: Create a “Follow-Up Funnel.” At this step, you will create a funnel where you can customize how to send marketing material to your subscribers. These methods include communication via emails, text messages, direct mail, and even social media advertising.

Step #3: Generate customized emails. If you intend to send emails, you will now design and edit your emails using Actionetic’s email editor program. This program simplifies the email editing experience and creates a better look for your emails.

Step #4: Track your subscribers’ actions. Actionetics can also track real-time lead action scoring as well. You can see how much your subscribers engage with your correspondence, and you can target people from there.

Step #5: Send broadcast emails. You can also send broadcast emails to your subscribers. Broadcast emails are email campaigns that are scheduled to send to your subscribers regularly. You can also edit these emails directly on Actionetics.

Step #6: Check your email stats. Actionetics will give you detailed stats as a broadcast summary so that you can track who opened your emails, what they bought, and how much money you have made from each email.

Pros & Cons Using Actionetics

Now that you know what ClickFunnel and Actionetics are, how much it costs, and how to use them, understanding the pros and cons of Actionetics will help you decide whether or not Actionetics is for you.

Pros of Actionetics

  • No limit on the number of contacts. The great thing about Actionetics is that compared to other email marketing programs, there is an unlimited amount of contacts that you can add to Actionetics. You don’t have to worry about paying additional fees for adding more subscribers. So you will get your bang for your buck if you have a huge number of contacts.
  • Send emails based on “smart list” criteria. Another nifty thing about Actionetics is that you can do many email segmentation by using “smart lists.” You can employ rules as specific as an individual’s action score, visitors of a specific step in your funnel, individuals that purchased a specific product, or individuals who opened a specific email. You can really target a specific type of group of people when it comes to marketing outreach.
  • Many action funnels. Actionetics’s funnels are rather diverse and quite advanced. Not only can you email, but you can connect your contacts to social media sites or other websites, such as Facebook, Twilio, or Shopify. For example, you can send Facebook ad campaigns based on your “smart list.” Or you can send product purchase information to your customers through the Shopify store.
  • Separate SMTP service. The plus side of Actionetics is that it can use different SMTP providers. SMTP servers are services that allow you to send out or receive emails. Some service providers have a lot more restrictions when it comes to marketing emails. Since Actionetics uses its own system, they took out many of the limitations that are often found in other servers, so this allows you to send out more of a variety and unique emails to subscribers.

Cons of Actionetics

  • No way to customize Actionetics. The downside with Actionetics is that you cannot customize Actionetics. You have to use what ClickFunnels offers you through Actionetics currently. If you want to customize the email marketing program more on your end, then Actionetics may not be for you.
  • Costly for a small list of subscribers. If you do not have a large list of subscribers, then Actionetics may actually be costly for you. As mentioned earlier, to use this feature, it will cost $297 a month to send out marketing correspondence. If you only have a handful of contacts and you subscribe for ClickFunnels just for Actionetics, then Actionetics may not be worth it to you.
  • Must be a user of ClickFunnels. Unfortunately, you cannot use this as a stand-alone program for your email marketing efforts. As mentioned before, you do have to use the ClickFunnels bundle to use Actionetics, and you can only use it as a ClickFunnels Platinum subscriber. In your case, paying the full subscription fee just for Actionetics may not be the best fit for you.


actionetics review logo

Here is the verdict: ClickFunnel Actionetics is overall a great way to market your business through email and other built-in features. Actionetics allows you to target a specific audience. It also offers numerous functions that can help you with a number of your marketing needs.

Actionetics does have a few downsides, such as being costly for entrepreneurs with little contacts or the fact that you cannot customize Actionetics. Overall though, for email marketing platforms, Actionetics is a top-notch service.

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