Make A Sticky Sidebar Widget In WordPress Without Plugin

sticky sidebar widget wordpress

If you want to know how to make a sticky sidebar widget in WordPress without plugin, this guide will show you exactly that.  You may consider the sidebar widgets are not important, but I will prove it’s the complete opposite.  Every website has a different design and you may not even use a sidebar, that’s

Custom Author Image Without Gravatar To WordPress Without Plugin

Custom Author Image Without Gravatar To WordPress

If you want to add custom author image without gravatar to WordPress without plugin, this tutorial will show you exactly that.  By default WordPress integrated with Gravatar service to show author images. The picture is associated with your email and whenever you register a new author on your blog, the image is pulled out. There

How To Fix Wordpress Not Sending Emails Without Plugin

Wordpress Not Sending Emails

If you want to know how to fix WordPress not sending emails issue without using any plugins this guide will show you exactly that. How do you identify if WordPress email settings are wrong?  WordPress SMTP settings issue Out of the box WordPress does not have built in SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) settings and

How To Limit Search To Only Posts In WordPress Without Plugin

How to limit search to only posts in WordPress without plugin

If you want to know how to limit search to only posts in WordPress without plugin this guide will show you exactly that.  Why do you need to limit search to only posts? When you just install wordpress on your hosting and add a search box anywhere on the website it will show all posts

How to create a child theme in WordPress without plugin

child theme wordpress

Why do you need a child theme in WordPress? If you want to manually modify your website design using CSS, add more functionality using PHP, add effects using javascript you need to create and use a child theme.  Why?- because every time developers update the original parent theme the files are overwritten and all your

What Is Email Warmup?

email warmup

Email marketing is a vital tool for businesses to connect with their audience and drive engagement. However, ensuring that your emails land in your subscribers’ inbox and not in the dreaded spam folder can be a challenging task. This is where email warmup comes into play. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the concept

How to Tell Google to Not Index a Page: Guide for Website Owners

How to tell Google to not index a page

If you want to prevent Google from including certain pages of your website in search results, you can tell Google not to index them. By doing so, you can ensure that only the right page you want are accessible for visitors. In this article, I will explain how to tell Google to not index a

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Black Hat SEO Techniques With Examples

Black Hat SEO techniques

Are you looking for Black Hat SEO techniques?- I have done a little research and listed all main actions you should not take in order to stay safe. Also you will see a list of real companies that were caught breaking the rules.  What is Black Hat SEO? Black hat SEO refers to unethical techniques

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Why best WordPress hosting is not the best

Best WordPress hosting

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting I have made a research for you. However #1 page on Google or Bing might not even show you the best results. It is an interesting topic as these techniques may be used in other niches. Here I will break down how results are manipulated. Best