Clickfunnels vs Leadpages: Which is Right for You in 2023

When discussing leading players in this market, the debate regularly turns to Clickfunnels vs Leadpages as both can create accessible and easy to navigate landing pages… The question remains when you’re comparing their key features, pros and cons, and pricing which will come out on top.

All modern marketing professionals understand, implementing a smart digital marketing strategy is vital to their success in an increasingly competitive climate. One of the key questions entrepreneurs and marketers alike need to answer is which sales funnel software will best help support them in achieving this goal.

When debating Clickfunnels vs Leadpages, you will quickly find both have their fans and detractors. If you were to go on physical numbers alone Clickfunnels Entourage clearly wins however, although to lead pages doesn’t have the same following: their partners are loyal and remain so for a variety of different reasons.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or digital marketing professional deciding which platform is right for you is a vital step in the development of your digital marketing strategy. In this article, I will examine the key arguments in this debate, compare the features that they offer, list the pros and cons of each, will also scrutinize their pricing strategies.

What is ClickFunnels?

First launched in 2014, Russell Brunson and his team created Clickfunnels as a service that enables websites to generate landing pages that are conversion optimized and focused on creating sales funnels. Their product features a vast database of landing page templates that are both effective and eye-catching.

clickfunnels logo

Some Clickfunnel users are surprised to learn that it offers much more than a single landing page builder: it’s more of an all-in-one marketing strategy software. When utilizing correctly you can simultaneously program the software to tackle multiple tasks within your sales funnel including the down sells upsells order bumps and maximizing your sales potential to the effective use of email strategies.

Clickfunnels can help you create the following

  • Squeeze or landing pages
  • Membership websites
  • Webinars

Clickfunnels can develop any type of sales funnel you wish that can help you fulfill, down sells, upsells, or order bumps. Besides the services listed above, Clickfunnels is also designed to be an automated marketing system whose purpose is to help you capture leads by the use of a variety of different landing or lead pages: these leads are then followed and converted into paying customers.

The company is positioned as the market leader in sales funnel building and a One-Stop shop to meet all your needs. If you have even the most basic technical knowledge, it’s straightforward to create a complete sales funnel in as little as 10 minutes. You may need to spend some time optimizing your funnel to maximize your conversions.

One of the major reasons Clickfunnels appeals to both entrepreneurs and marketers alike is that they offer a variety of different packages, providing everything you need to successfully build a sales funnel without having to worry about any outside integrations.

Clickfunnels also offers an affiliate marketing program that separates it from many of its competitors. Some people are put off by the enormous amount of money Clickfunnels spend on their marketing strategies.

However, by using their affiliate marketing system it’s incredibly simple to earn money. Clickfunnels offers both site builders and people who are looking for an additional passive income the opportunity to earn money to their sales funnel builder and their affiliate marketing program.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is another extremely successful landing page software system designed to allow businesses to capture leads and connect with their customers. if you’re looking for an effective tool to create and control your sales funnel, you may turn the Clickfunnels however if lead collection and page building capabilities are your primary concern Leadpages are a superior solution provider.


What you’re looking to create opt-in pages high converting landing pages are high performing websites: it can complete every aspect of your sales funnel using this software. Leadpages was designed primarily as a landing page creator. The product itself is fully customizable, but the addition of a variety of different options and design tweaks means you can easily tweak it to fit any of your needs.

If your online business is falling short in the face of your competition Leadpages can help you build unique and beautiful pages, that’ll stand out however although lacks some features offered by its competitors it focuses on providing power flexibility and exceptional landing page design 

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages features

Since neither of these service providers is free, the features that they provide are important when comparing the different components.

Here are some features that Leadpages offer, but Clickfunnels does not

One of the major flaws in the service that Clickfunnels offers is its primary focus on creating sales funnels. And they knew even the most basic plan they focus on as an all in one funnel, which is functional and well structured however this causes problems.

Although they have covered most of the funnel building process, their page builder is limited and we can only describe its functionality as basic when compared to lead pages. It has no free-form dragging motions and the ones have black fluidity so optimizing your user’s experience and your landing pages could prove difficult on Clickfunnels especially when compared to lead pages.

What features does Clickfunnels offer in comparison to Leadpages?

As we mentioned previously pages is primarily focused on the creation of exceptional landing pages, it features a virtually unlimited number of web page creation options across all their tiers offering unique perspectives

However, and its starting plan they don’t offer any AB testing feature where is this comes as standard in all Clickfunnel plans. So to effectively test your landing page on Leadpages you’re going to have to upgrade your plan.

Why many people consider Clickfunnels to be more expensive, but if you look at the basic features offered on Leadpages it provides a far lower functionality and can only be described as limited compared to Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Pros and Cons

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

Pros of Clickfunnels:

  • Creating and customizing page is couldn’t be easier with its drag-and-drop easy-to-use templates.
  • Features a variety of different page and sales funnel templates.
  • As close to an all-in-one marketing solution you’ll find online now.
  • Functions as a hosting platform so it’s partners don’t have to worry about their content security.
  • They have an affiliate marketing system called backpack that helps enable people implement their marketing strategies and incorporate affiliate marketing on their sites.
  • The share funnels function allows you to share your cell phones with other users.
  • A comprehensive AB testing system.
  • Designed in a fashion where planning and visualizing your sales funnel is straightforward.
  • Can easily be integrated with other paid e-commerce platforms.
  • Easily integrates with PayPal, Stripe and other payment tools.
  • When choosing Clickfunnels, you can access hundreds of other applications as well using their 25 built-in direct integrations.
  • Offers excellent mobile optimization.
  • An excellent number training materials on FunnelFlix and YouTube channel.

Cons of Clickfunnels:

  • Clickfunnels doesn’t provide any specialist service instead it’s focused on running and designing sales models from top-to-bottom meeting they’re not exceptional in any category.
  • There are some clear glitches in their email marketing and marketing automation service software especially when you’re working with actionetics autoresponder or follow up funnels.
  • Its price point is certainly higher than any of its competitors, its premium plan costing $279 on his basic $97.
  • Somebody finds the exceptional functionality of the software daunting or overwhelming.
  • On your basic plan there’s a low limit set on visitor traffic funnels and the number of monthly pages you can create.
  • They don’t offer any phone support if you’ve got basic plan.
  • Others comment on the fact that their templates are unprofessional and updated.

Pros of Leadpages:

  • Much more affordable comparing Clickfunnels vs Leadpages whose basic package is $97, Leadpages Pro plan, it’s only $49.
  • Provide users to the far more robust software system for building landing pages and it’s much more customizable
  • It has an outstanding AB testing system
  • Quickly create a professional landing page and tweak it which customizable code and a HTML editor
  • On even the most basic plan, they provide excellent customer support
  • It offers over 200 high converting and I catching templates and over 40 standard integrations across all their plans
  • The built in analytical software provides users with an excellent resource
  • Fully compatible with email services like Keap (aka infusion soft), MailChimp and drip and Napier
  • It’s also easily integrated with any WordPress site
  • Offers excellent mobile responsiveness and customizability to boost your branding

Cons of Leadpages:

  • Leadpages is a specialist landing page software if you’re looking to add other features such as email integration you will need to follow a more complicated multi-step process.
  • It has no affiliate marketing or autoresponder tool included
  • New users won’t take time to master the system
  • This is made more difficult as it lacks video tutorials to help tackle specific issues
  • There have been notable instances where the pages crashed and the autosave functionality failed to save users changes
  • If you want to add more customizable templates, this comes at an extra cost
  • Tweaking or placing additional page elements exactly where you want them it’s not straightforward

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages pricing


Pricing is regularly a determining factor when businesses are choosing different software platforms. In this part of the article, we will summarize click funnels and Leadpages pricing plans and going to greater detail regarding the different capabilities each plan offers.

An overview of Clickfunnels three pricing plans:

  • Clickfunnels basic or startup plan costs $97 a month
  • Their Platinum is higher version plan costs $297 a month
  • Their most comprehensive plan known as the TwoCommaClubX cost $2,497 a month

Leadpages also offers a three-tier pricing plan

  • The standard time costs $37 a month if you pay monthly or is discounted to $25 a month if you pay annually
  • Their profile cost $79 a month if you pay monthly and is discounted the 48 a month if you pay annually
  • They also offer an advanced plan that cost $321 per month or $199 a month if you pay annually.

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that Clickfunnels is a far more costly service. However, this is primarily down to the wide variety of additional features that they offer. But most people ask the simple question: do I need all these features and if not, why should I pay for them.

What do you get from Clickfunnels $97 a month plan?

If you sign up for Clickfunnels basic plan, you will design and build up to 100 sales funnels every month that are highly customizable. It also has access to several funnel types and templates summer-free others you may have to pay for. I’m trying to create three domains, three payment gateway connections, and 20 sales funnels. you’re offered child support and training and other online courses. You also have access to the funnel hacker community and photo sharing functionality and full AB split tests.

 What do you get from Clickfunnels $297 a month plan?

in addition to everything listed under the $97 a month plan, Clickfunnels offer you follow-up funnels and access to a built-in automated marketing service called Actionetics and a management tool for affiliate marketing called Backpack. Your domain limits increase to 9 per month and also you get nine payment gateway connections. You will also have access to additional training another course and priority support. There’s no limit placed on your page creation or customer support via phone.

 What you get from Leadpages Standard plan ($25 a month)

You can access a wide variety of page templates that include confirmation pages, check-out pages, sales pages, or opt-out pages, etc. You’ll be negative to one side per month but can create as many alert bars pop-ups and landing pages as you like. If you need to find the number of leads and the amount of traffic decide to generate. You can email tech support and get a fully customizable domain name if you pay annually.

 What you get from the Leadpages $97 a month plan?

In addition to everything, I said above you get unlimited access to AB split testing 10 option text campaigns and email trigger links the ability to generate online payments and sales as well as additional tech support via chat. Your site limit increases to three.

The only significant difference between the advanced plan that costs 331 a month and the Pro plan offered by Leadpages is the limit, which can increase to 50 sites with the upgrade

The $25 a month plan from Leadpages is excellent basic planning for anyone who wants to create unlimited landing pages. to get the same functionality on click funnels you’ll have to pay $297 a month. Even then, you’re restricted to 100 pages on a maximum of 20,000 visitors.

On their standard, Leadpages doesn’t offer any access to A/B testing, dysfunction provides a wide variety of benefits especially if you’re looking to compare a different variant. Even if you upgrade Leadpages to their Pro or advanced plans, you’ll still like down sales of cells automation and even email marketing capabilities all of which are vital elements of the sales funnel

Why these pages do offer online payment and sales features and you can set up check out and buying facilities neither are optimized for down sells or upsells.

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Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Final Verdict

I know we covered a lot in this article on Clickfunnels vs Leadpages and both these platforms offer a wide variety of excellent features all of which have their pros and cons however when weighing up every aspect including price there’s one clear winner- Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels provides monitor functionality and the number of features it provides its users cover every aspect of the sales funnel. If your goal is to build a platform based on a fully-functioning sales funnel, lead pages simply don’t have the functionality that you need. Click photos even have the option of pre-built sales funneling software that you can simply purchase.

They also have the option of building and integrating an affiliate marketing program that helps you encourage others to promote your products, these programs also offer up to 40% commissions which are 10% higher than Leadpages at 30%.

Clickfunnels have helped visitors build relationships with their clients that result in successful sales conversions.

Having said all that, Leadpages has its benefits. Primarily if you are looking for a more budget-conscious option there $25 a month package provides an excellent landing page builder and a wide variety of attractive templates. They don’t place any limits on your sales funnels reviews, and their user interface is more friendly. If your purpose is to capture leads lead funnels could be worth a look.

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