How much it cost to get like for Facebook page

Hey, I have decided to run a little test: how much it cost to get like for Facebook page.

  • I made a campaign just to get facebook likes on page.
  • Setup an audience which fits my niche: age, interests and other good stuff.
  • Did not want to burn a lot, so it ran couple of days with as little budget as possible.
  • Here are results in this image below.
how much cost likes for facebook page

This is completely insane to buy facebook likes for page and I do not suggest anyone to do so. Rather invest in campaigns, that will bring you some benefits in the future.

You are not just buying likes for page,- guess what: later on you will have to boost your posts just to reach the same people again and again. Here is the proof Facebook killing reach of posts.  

buzzfeed front facebook page
buzzfeed engagement on post

11 million likes and after 13 hours just these results...

bored panda front facebook page
bored panda post engagement

15 million likes on page and 14 thousand on post after more than 24 hours.

If pages in infortainment and entertainment niches can’t get enough reach and engagement what can we talk about others? Also these results are of weekend,- my test and screenshots of other pages.

To be clear: I have scrolled down to to the posts, which were posted at least 12 hours before, so literally all the people who are following page in different time zones could see and engage with it. Also these posts make people curious to open links, look at the headlines and images…

But I don’t think these are very good results if you have 15 million likes on page and in 24 hours you get only 14 thousand likes on post. You can do the math and results are shocking,- about only 10% at max of reach…

Facebook is just killing businesses and forcing them to advertise. Price for clicks and likes goes up, during years. Sad I have not done any screenshots 4-5 years before. If anyone got data or want to share your own experience, please leave it in the comments.

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