One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Worth the money? (2023)

You might have heard about this already and today I will make a short One funnel away challenge review to explain the main features, pricing, and benefits. 

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

30 days long interactive course for everyone, who is running a business already or wants to start their very own. Every day you will get a simple task to accomplish. Follow the mission and you will definitely succeed.

OFA Challenge daily plan

What you will get?

One funnel away challenge kit, which includes:

  • One funnel away challenge workbook- it is your paper guide of all programmes working together with videos. There you will find all your daily task checklist and sources.
  • The “30 days” book- 550 pages physical book with Two comma club members interviews. What’s interesting, all these people were asked one question: what would be your plan if you lose everything.
  • Mp3 player with preloaded 51 recordings- over 40 hours of training, you can listen anywhere and anytime. I personally like to listen while driving a car, exercising or just going for a walk. 
  • Video training series will be hosted by Russel Brunson (the strategist), Julie Stoian (the transformer) and Stephen Larsen (the executioner). Yes, every day you will get a new video. 
one funnel away challenge kit

How much does one funnel away challenge?

Actually there are two price points here depending on your plan pick:  If you choose digital only, then it will cost $100. Yet, if you will choose both, physical and digital, then it will cost $119.

one funnel away challenge price

Is One funnel away challenge worth it?

Yes, absolutely worth the price in my opinion for what you get physically and the training. I have bought loads of courses already and this is a bargain compared to other similar courses.

Can I get a refund for One funnel away challenge?

Yes, if for any reason you will not like all the physical packages or courses you can get a refund, no questions asked, and get your $100 back.

Get you money back

BTW did you know you can get your money back very easily, without losing access to the challenge and all bonuses? If you have a friend, who wants to start working online but doesn’t know how, just send him a link to the offer,- in this case you can get your $100 back very easily. Heck, you can make even more…

100 dollar bill

How to promote One funnel away challenge as an affiliate?

OFA challenge promotional methods are not different from other digital or physical products sold online. Yet if you have no idea,- I suggest you follow all 30 days plans and watch two comma club interviews. 

These people will teach you different traffic strategies, trust me, they have experience already and you will have a lot of ideas from top leaders in the industry, which generated at least 1 million from their own sales funnels. That’s how they became ClickFunnels two comma club members. 


One funnel away challenge is not one of these crappy courses, where you get outdated information. Yet, the best thing about it is very interactive- encouraging you to learn and take action. So before you start, make a commitment to finish the task checklist every single day. Let’s be honest- who can change your life if you don’t? 

And remember- you are just one funnel away…

one funnel away challenge review

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