What is BIMI record?

How to set up a BIMI record?

  • Before you start, make sure you have SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records added and there are no email deliverability issues. 
  • In order to create a DNS record you can use the BIMI generator at the same time you can test the domain (might be you have one already) here https://www.agari.com/insights/tools/bimi/
  • Fill out the form and use the SVG logo file if you have one. When you have a code go to your domain registrar or hosting provider (where your domain is hosted) and add a new *txt record.


Watch a short video walkthrough

Gmail and Yahoo already show me these brand icons every single time, so why not use this yourself in email marketing process? This record is kinda new compared to other “must-haves”, but all major email service providers want to “clean” every inbox as much as possible. Having that said in the future this record may have an even bigger impact on recognizing you as a legit brand, and domain owner.

How to test BIMI record

  • You can send an email as a real-time test and check if the image appears.
  • Also, you can try this BIMI inspector tool to check if everything works properly.

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