What is Soap Opera Sequence and How to Create One

We presume that you are already aware of how important email marketing is for the growth of your business. But have you ever faced times when you feel like nothing is happening? You send all those boring emails week after week only to bore your clients even more. But how can you spice it up,

What is Tripwire Funnel and How Can You Make One

What is Tripwire Funnel Tripwire funnel is a marketing strategy, sales funnel that aims to lure your customers with initial low-cost offers and push them for higher ones. Also, strengthen your relationship with your clients and make them return to you every time. The funnel follows a very simple pattern that you can easily modify.

Email Marketing Statistics You Must Know in 2022

Want to know if email marketing is still worth your time? For this reason, I have made a little research just to gather valuable data. There are so many talks about social media and new traffic channels, shares, tweets, likes, talks on Zoom, Clubhouse, TikTok and etc. However, it does not mean email marketing is

Email DNS records for mail delivery and spam protection

If you landed on this page you are in email marketing and probably have email deliverability issues. Today I will show you what email DNS records you should add to make sure emails are delivered to your email subscribers. There are 3 main records you have to add in order to work everything properly for

GetResponse Review Features and Pricing at glance

  GetResponse is one of the best email autoresponders in the marketplace with competitive pricing and loads of features. Newsletters, Landing pages, advanced automations based on people behaviours and many others will help for every business.   Table Of Contents 1 What is GetResponse? 2 GetResponse Pricing 3 GetResponse Features 3.1 Autoresponder 3.2 Marketing Automation

Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business

Whether you’re a small business owner, influencer, or an entrepreneur, building an email list is essential to your business. This helps you build an audience where you’re in complete control of the follow-ups and messages been sent to your audience. Table Of Contents What Is an Email Marketing Service How To Choose The Best Email

What is BIMI record?

BIMI record is used by brands to display company logo in emails to prove it is legitimate. This will show recipient so email is from authentic sender and helps to avoid scam. Also creates good user experience, helps message to stand out in the inbox.  How to set up a BIMI record? Before you start,

9 Lead Magnet ideas to build email list

Do you use lead magnets in your email marketing strategy? Building an email list is lucrative for any marketer. The larger your email list, the more money you will make. The only bit of a problem with the same is how to make visitors submit their email addresses?   For many of you, this is

6 Email Marketing Facts you must know

  Do you know any of these email marketing facts? I believe everyone in online business and marketing must see…   Table Of Contents 1 Who sent the first email? 2 Who sent the first email campaign? 3 Email marketing is dead? 4 Who was the first person who went to prison for email spam?