Business Ideas for Women

Best Business Ideas for Women

Just before starting make sure you pick something you like and know at least a little bit, otherwise, it will not work in a long term.

Freelance Writer

Many companies these days are trying to figure out how to get to the #1 page on Google for their niche as well the coveted #1 result. You could be a freelance writer and write SEO content for websites to help them rank higher on Google. As you build rapport with these companies and build your portfolio you can make a lot of money writing exclusive content for websites. Not only that: email newsletters, sales letters, product descriptions, e-books, social media posts, and others all have text- means there is big potential if you decide to “jump” in this niche.


If you frequent second-hand stores you could be a reseller. There are people all over the world that have successful businesses buying clothing from second-hand clothing stores and flipping them online for a profit. Especially if it is a rare are hard to find item, people may pay way more than usual for it.


This is one of the business ideas for women that is very controversial right now. Contrary to popular belief, OnlyFans is not just for adult content. That’s how it started, but now OnlyFans is a way for people with large followings on social media to provide premium content for their audience. You can do cooking, comedy, provide pictures that are a little more provocative (does not have to be nude) than on your Instagram, or give advice.

Instagram Influencer

An Instagram Influencer is a person with a large following on Instagram that works as a brand ambassador for various companies. It may take a few years to organically build your Instagram following to the point where companies reach out to you, but once you do they will be piling into your DM’s. Today, most companies are looking for engagement over followers and likes, so make sure to build an organic following and communicate with your audience regularly on the way to the top.


Women dominate the Youtube market hands down. You can make videos about cooking, makeup, dancing, anything your heart desires. You will want to make sure to separate yourself by having unique content, having high-quality videos, great lighting, and posting consistently for some time before you start to see the big bucks.

Start a Blog

If you love to type, you can start a blog. Even if you don’t love to type, you can still make a blog and just hire people to write for you. You can make content about literally anything you want. Once you have a following, you can put ads on your site or monetize other ways and make a killing. If you don’t like the idea of putting ads on your blog, companies may reach out to you and pay you to talk about their products on your blog.

Start a podcast

business ideas for women microphone for podcast

The landscape of podcasting is on the rise. You can get 1 or 2 of your friends together and talk about virtually anything. There is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet on how to set up a relatively inexpensive podcast setup that will sound great. Once you gain a large audience, you get a deal with a large podcast network that will pay you to pod.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies today have an affiliate program that will pay a percentage of their sales for you to promote their products. Think about some products that you know and love and use every day. Go to the websites of some of those products and see if they have an affiliate program. You could make money promoting products you love to use, and when people click on your affiliate link and purchase that product you will get a percentage of the sales.

Sell Arts and Crafts

If you’re good at drawing, painting, making jewelry, furniture, making trinkets, etc. you can build a profitable business selling your arts and crafts. You can set up shop at a flea market, local events, or sell online through sites such as Etsy or even your own website. Many people will pay a premium price for your items because they are custom made versus purchasing it from a store.


This a business idea for women that may take a little bit more life experience than some of the other ideas listed here. If you are an expert at your job, and you have been performing it at a high level for a decade or more you can become a consultant. 

Start a Daycare

This is a great business idea for women especially if you are already a mother or you have experience taking care of children. Many people run daycares out of their homes, or you can even rent spaces as needed instead of having to raise capital to buy your own building.


Are you good at doing makeup, hair, nails, or skincare? Even if you’re not, there are many beauty schools online and offline that will teach how to do these things for less money and in less time than college. From there you can build your clientele with people in your social circle and eventually start your own salon or spa. This is one of the business ideas for women that is needed virtually everywhere in the world, even Antarctica.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is a huge industry today. With all the stress and tension being created by the state of the world today, everyone needs a massage. Becoming a licensed massage therapist is relatively inexpensive today. Once you get licensed, you can build your clientele through your social circle and word of mouth or there are also many websites and apps such as Soothe that will connect you with people looking for massage therapy in your area.


As you probably know, many up-and-coming influencers, musicians, YouTubers, etc. have everything else going for them, but their outfits kind of suck. Two eyes are always better than one. You could start a stylist agency and get paid to recommend outfits, makeup, and accessories to women (and men) that are constantly in the public eye to help them build their brand and image.

Start a Pet Sitting Business

woman walking with dogs

Starting a pet sitting business is a great business idea for women that love pets. When people go on vacation, they need someone to watch their cat or dog. You can start out on watching people’s pets for a few nights. Once you build a big clientele, you can start your own agency and hire people to watch pets for you.

Start a Homeschooling Business

Right now some schools are closing during pandemics and many children are stuck at home with no education. Some schools are providing homeschooling options, but there are still millions of kids that are just sitting at home doing nothing. Even then, the parents have to be the teacher typically while they still work their regular job. You could start a homeschooling business educating children while their parents work. This can even be done online giving you a large pool of clients to choose from.

Real Estate

People are always talking about, “It’s a buyer’s market”, “It’s a seller’s market”, “The market is going up”, “The market is crashing”. This is a great business idea for women because of none of that matters. If you are able to connect people, build a relationship with them, and have their best interest in mind, they will buy a house from you. Many people are moving these days because of the “economic climate” and they need someone to help them find a house. You can get your real estate license and there are many agencies that will help you find clients.

Start a Juice Bar

This idea is going to take a little bit more capital than some of the other ideas here. If you can get a business loan this can be a great idea. There are many people today that are trying to live a much more healthy lifestyle by juicing and eating more organically. If you already know how to build a brand around juicing and create your own recipes you can start your own local juice bar, or there are many franchises such as Nekter that have a framework you can plug into.

Start a Food Prep Business

Many people today want to eat more healthily, but they don’t know how or have time to prepare meals. This is a good business idea for women that know how to cook, or are very interested in nutrition. You could start a food prep business by making meal plans for people and charging them a subscription to gain access to the recipes. If people want the meals made for them, you can charge them a premium subscription and outsource the shipping to another company if you don’t want to actually make them yourself.

Start a Tour Guide Business

If you live in a large city and you know it well, you could start a tour guide business. People visiting from out of town are always trying to figure out what to do on their vacation. You can host your tours on and eventually build up to have your own tour guide or travel agency.

Start a Cleaning Company

There are millions of people who either hate cleaning, or don’t have time to do it. You could start a cleaning company and clean rich people’s houses for a pretty penny. There are plenty of websites and apps such as TaskRabbit that will connect you with clients that need cleaning. Just let your house get a little dirty and take some before and after pictures to show what you can do for your portfolio. You can just hire other people to clean for you once you gain a large client base.

Start an Event Planning Business

Even now people are still throwing parties, baby showers, and weddings in person. Many of these things are being done online right now, but even then they can be a headache to plan and execute properly. You could start an event planning business that helps people throw these events so they can free their minds up to focus on other aspects of the event. Make sure you have an LLC and put a clause in your contracts that you are not liable for anything that gets broken or anyone that gets hurt if it is a physical event. This will save you a lot of money and headache.

Write Children’s Books

The reason for specifically pointing out children’s books here is because the children’s book market is huge right now as of this writing. This Publisher’s Weekly article shows that sales of juvenile nonfiction rose 25.5% in 2019. That’s higher than any other genre of books in any category. If you can write books or eBooks that connect with children, you can make a lot of money.

Teach Swimming Lessons

Many parents want their kids to learn how to swim safely, but they don’t know-how. There are also adults of all ages who still want to know how to swim. You could start a business teaching swimming lessons to people in your community, assuming you already know how to swim. Depending on where you live and what the climate is, you may be able to rent out indoor pools and charge people a fee for weekly or bi-weekly swimming lessons. Eventually, you can hire people to teach the classes for you once they get big enough.

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Wrapping up

Women are a very powerful force in entrepreneurship today. A lot of women have built big enough businesses to the point that they are even the breadwinner in their families. These are just a few business ideas for women to hopefully inspire you to get started. Starting a business takes hard work, many risks, and is extremely consistent. In order to create financial freedom for yourself and your family, you’ll want to scale up, build a team, and make your business autonomous so you can have time and money to spend with people that are most important to you.

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