How Self Liquidating Funnel Can Boost Your Business

I see many businesses struggle with advertising daily in their life. Sometimes, it is the cost, whereas other times, it is a plan. Advertising is an integral part of quality marketing. But, it can also boost your revenue if used properly. Let’s see how I can help you today.  I must admit that when I

What is Tripwire Funnel and How Can You Make One

What is Tripwire Funnel Tripwire funnel is a marketing strategy, sales funnel that aims to lure your customers with initial low-cost offers and push them for higher ones. Also, strengthen your relationship with your clients and make them return to you every time. The funnel follows a very simple pattern that you can easily modify.

How Bloggers Make Money and you can too

If you landed on this page most likely you’re curious: How bloggers make money? The chances are you either want to start a blog or looking for a way to monetize content. In this short post, I have gathered some data for you to get a better idea of what’s happening these days. How bloggers

What is FOMO and How to Use it in Business

When I was in high school, I often found myself sitting in a corner looking at my classmates and thinking how cool they were! I was not one of them because I needed a little time to make friends. But that didn’t stop me from craving all the fun they used to have! Table of

AIDA Model In Marketing: How To Apply

AIDA model is frequently applied in marketing strategy because it shows the most basic psychology of customers in the buying process. The skillful application of the AIDA in Marketing helps businesses lead customers to make buying decisions quickly. So what is AIDA, and how to apply it? What is the AIDA model? AIDA is a

High Ticket Affiliate Programs top commissions paid

The advertising landscape is changing over time, traffic prices on advertising platforms rise up every year. Oftentimes it is not worth promoting affiliate products, because you will have to pay more to sell, than commissions you get, leaving you with negative ROI. For this reason I have made a research and will give you a

Business Ideas for Women

Best Business Ideas for Women Just before starting make sure you pick something you like and know at least a little bit, otherwise, it will not work in a long term. Freelance Writer Many companies these days are trying to figure out how to get to the #1 page on Google for their niche as

30 Best Business Ideas for Students

30 Business Ideas for Students 1. Twitch Streamer You probably already play video games anyway. Being a Twitch Streamer can be a great way to earn income and have fun doing what you’re already good at. People can give you donations while watching you play video games. You do have to treat this like a

50 Best Business Ideas to make money

Well, you are in the right place because in this post I will give you loads of them and you can start with no or minimal investments. Whether you have extra time or you’re in “lockdown” during a pandemic period-must stay at home, you can get extra or full-time income depending on which route you

10 Ways how to promote affiliate products

Would you like to earn money with as little effort as possible? Waking up to money made from your affiliate commission while you’re holidaying on a beach, somewhere in the Caribbean islands.   At least, this is the impression many people have about affiliate marketing. Along with the endless ads you get on your favorite