How Self Liquidating Funnel Can Boost Your Business

I see many businesses struggle with advertising daily in their life. Sometimes, it is the cost, whereas other times, it is a plan. Advertising is an integral part of quality marketing. But, it can also boost your revenue if used properly. Let’s see how I can help you today.  I must admit that when I

What is Tripwire Funnel and How Can You Make One

What is Tripwire Funnel Tripwire funnel is a marketing strategy, sales funnel that aims to lure your customers with initial low-cost offers and push them for higher ones. Also, strengthen your relationship with your clients and make them return to you every time. The funnel follows a very simple pattern that you can easily modify.

How Bloggers Make Money and you can too

How bloggers make money? There are four key ways in which bloggers make money: placing ads on their site, writing sponsored content, recommending products as an affiliate, selling their own products or services. How to monetize a blog 1. Advertisements Advertisements were the first monetization method I tried. There are several networks to look at

What is FOMO and How to Use it in Business

Now, after being stuck at home for almost a year, I can’t help but have the same feeling of missing out on all the fun I could have had. I’m pretty sure we all have had such feelings at some point in our lives. It has a name – FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. 

AIDA Model In Marketing: How To Apply

What is the AIDA model? AIDA is a classic marketing communication model that allows businesses to understand consumer perception when making buying decisions. Since then, marketers comes up with strategies that are suitable for each of these stages. Aida stands for 4 customer cognitive processes, including Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. These are considered four important

High Ticket Affiliate Programs top commissions paid

What factors should you look at when picking affiliate offers to promote? Cookie duration Cookies are “pieces” of information stored in a web browser. This is how affiliate networks, businesses can identify which referral sold a product in a period of time. For example, Amazon cookie lifetime is 24 hours, so if a visitor clicked

Business Ideas for Women

Best Business Ideas for Women Just before starting make sure you pick something you like and know at least a little bit, otherwise, it will not work in a long term. Freelance Writer Many companies these days are trying to figure out how to get to the #1 page on Google for their niche as

30 Best Business Ideas for Students

30 Business Ideas for Students 1. Twitch Streamer You probably already play video games anyway. Being a Twitch Streamer can be a great way to earn income and have fun doing what you’re already good at. People can give you donations while watching you play video games. You do have to treat this like a