5 Reasons Why Your Email List Does Not Convert

If you send email newsletters and automated campaigns, but look at the stats and want to “cry”, here is a list of issues you might be facing. Look from a different angle at this problem.

5 reasons why your email list does not convert:

​1. You don’t sell enough

If you are sending emails with content providing value 2-3 or 4 times a week, how many times you are pitching something to buy? Your income will be directly connected with the sales offer, if you will not try to sell,- nothing gonna happen at all!

​2. You don’t sell them what they want

It does not matter how big is your email list and how good is your email marketing skills. People will only buy what they need, not what you want to sell them.

​3. You are not speaking in their language

There is no communication between you and the subscriber, in this case, they have no reason to trust you and as a result, there are no conversions.

​4. Your emails are not being delivered

Sounds stupidly simple, but if your emails do not reach your inbox, then there will be no people who saw your offer, always track your statistics of every email campaign, also check my recent post about:  how to stop emails from going into the promotions tab on Gmail.

​5. You are marketing to the wrong audience

Does not matter how you drive traffic to grow your contact list, there may be plenty of reasons like,- you are targeting the wrong people in the PPC advertising platform or you have tapped in the wrong solo ads list or you do advertise on the wrong website with banner ads,- ​at the end of the day email list does not convert. 

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