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The advertising landscape is changing over time, traffic prices on advertising platforms rise up every year. Oftentimes it is not worth promoting affiliate products, because you will have to pay more to sell, than commissions you get, leaving you with negative ROI. For this reason I have made a research and will give you a list of high ticket affiliate programs to promote. 

What factors should you look at when picking affiliate offers to promote?

Cookie duration

Cookies are “pieces” of information stored in a web browser. This is how affiliate networks, businesses can identify which referral sold a product in a period of time. For example Amazon cookie lifetime is 24 hours, so if a visitor clicked on your link to see a product, but haven’t purchased anything. Yet out of curiosity visit Amazon store and buy something (even does not have to be the same product), then you will get a commission. As you understood: the longer cookie duration is better for you.

high ticket affiliate programs cookies

Upsells / downsells

Upsells and downsells may significantly increase your profit. Because many affiliate programs not only sell one product, but also sell a whole range of them. 

Real life example:

  1. Let’s say you purchase a digital camera.
  2. Over a week the merchant sends emails, builds relationships and at the end of the week sells a book on how to use a digital camera. 
  3. Next week may lead to another congruent offer like a tripod or lens.
  4. Next month may be a sale from invitation to join a real portrait photography class or online course.
  5. You see what’s happening?- many events, which may lead to big income for you depending on the situation.    

Commission payment models

One time payment affiliate commissions (Tier 1)

Some affiliate programs will pay you just one time payment for a customer. For example: you’ve sold a product for $100 at a 50% commission rate. Means you will be paid $50 and this will be your one time reward every single time you get the customer.

Tier 2 commissions

Second tier commissions usually lower compared to tier 1, however you get paid these for referring other people, who promotes the same product and you get paid percentage of what they sell.

How recurring commissions payment model works

Let’s say you promote a product which pay 20% commission.

And consumer has to pay $100 every month for a program or service he/she needs.

Means you will get $20 from every customer, now what if you will get 100 customers over time? You could get a whoping $2000 as long as the customers pay.

Affiliate agreements & trainings

Always look at affiliate agreements, because some companies want to promote their own products and services just in a specific way. E.g. if you’ve been promoting anything from Amazon, then you probably know that you can’t offer to buy products via email marketing (direct linking). So training and introduction to the program is great in my opinion. You may understand product/service better and have insights. Some companies even provide you customer avatar data- in this way removing quess work.

High ticket affiliate programs

I consider high ticket affiliate programs those, who've got a big initial sale, recurring revenue model, bonus system, or percentage of commissions from made deals. 


Product: SEMrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights.

Cookie duration: 120 days (last-click atribution)

Expectations: up to $200 to get for every sale

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Product- website hosting.

Cookie duration of 60 days.

From $65 to $125 for qualified signup (depending how many referrals you will get).

However Hostgator offer 45 days money back guarantee so you may have to wait about 2 months in order to get income as an affiliate.

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Wp engine

Hosting company which is dedicated to WordPress specifically. 

Cookie last 180 days.

Commissions: $200 or 100% of the first month payment. Also they have a great bonus system if you can get 5+ customers a month increasing progressive way. 

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Liquid web

Sells wide range of hosting services for other businesses.

Cookie duration 90 days.

And you can earn from $150 to $7000 for one CPA lead. 

150% commission means even if someone buy simple $29 dollar plan hosting- you will get paid $150. 

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Ecommerce platform- everything you need to sell online.

Cookie duration 30 days.

Commission rate 200% and one time payment only. 

Potential to earn from $68 to $598.

Possibility to work as reseller. 

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Cookie duration: your affiliate link includes a 30-day tracking cookie.

Commissions- you can earn from 10% (Shopify plus) to 20% (All other shopify store plans) Recurring commissions. Up to 2K a month from a single user. 

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Big Commerce

This is similar to shopify in the ecommerce space. 

Cookie duration is 30 days.

Receive a 200% bounty per referral and $1,500 per enterprise referral. You will also be assigned to account manager, which may help you to promote.

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Capitalists exploits

Niche: investments.

Cookie duration 365 days.

50% commissions rate.

Potential to earn: $750 to $1750 per sale.

Assignet affiliate manager, video walkthroughs and help to promote. 

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Niche Food supplements.

Commission rate at 20% recurring revenue.

You can also share discount codes with 15% off.

People now love to live healthy, so food and supplements are super important for them. If you refer anyone to these types of offers, then most likely they will stick for a long time. 

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Genius webinars

Teaches everything on how to use webinars for sales and marketing communications.

Commission rate at 40%.

Potential to get $598 per sale. 

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Legendary marketer

Commision range from 5% to 60%.

Niche: Make money online.

Potential to earn up to $4000 per sale.

Note: Basic plan 5-30% and if you want to be on higher commission rate 20-60% you will have to pay for a PRO plan. This may sound crazy, but you get benefits for doing so. 

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Private jet flights.

Cookie duration 365 days.

Commission rate at 30%.

Potential to earn from $600 to $2500 or even more (depends from the flight price). 

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Inbound marketing and sales platform.

Cookie duration 90 days.

Potential to get up to $1000 for each customer. 

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plus 500

Online trading services.

Expectations to get from $200 to $800 per qualified trader. 

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SEO power suite

Search engine optimization tool.

Cookie duration 120 days.

Commision rate 33% (including renewals). 

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Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

Online marketing education.

Cookie duration 14 days.

Potential to get from $20 for active lead, $200 on “Essential” sales plus $20 recurring commissions (if so). 

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Awol academy 

Internet marketing education.

Commisions 30%.

Tier2 commissions 5%.

Potential to get up to $5000. 


Online courses and coaching services.

Cookie duration last 90 days.

Commision rate 30%.

There are 3 plans customer can pick also pay monthly or annual.

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Entrepreneurs institute

Teaching people how to become entrepreneurs.

The most you can make out of single commission up to $8000 in commissions for a sale.

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Regal assets affiliate program (wealth partner as they call)

IRA investments in precious metals.

Commission rate 3%.

However you can get up to $30 000 for every referred customer transaction.

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How to sell web hosting?

One great example is to sell hosting packages in exchange to your service. Which may sound like:

I will build you a WordPress website blog, when you buy hosting via my link. 

I will build you a VPS email server if you buy hosting via my link.

Yes, in this case you have to have a little bit of knowledge to do that. What stops you from spending 2-3 hours of work in order to get paid referral? 

Small business owners do not have time to learn things and they are afraid to fail if something goes wrong. Even that simple WordPress installation, which can be done in 15 minutes, adding a couple of plugins, changing a theme may look hard for anyone not techy. 

To be continued… 🙂

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