How to improve email deliverability

If you are reading this article you probably have a problem:
every email marketer wants to avoid email spam and wants to reach that inbox
first. No one wants to waste time, money, and resources on a service that will
not help business.

It does not matter if you work for a company or you build
an email list for yourself,- never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other generic
services for email marketing. You are representing a business (even that’s your
new blog) and you want to use branded email addresses with the domain names.

All email service providers scan your email headline and
check if you are legit. So in order to be on the white-list side, you have to add:

  • SPF record– Sender Policy Framework, it will show receiver that email is coming from authenticated/authorized specific domain name
  • DKIM record– Domain Keys Identified Mail, validation of domain name identity.

These two records must be valid and working in order to improve email deliverability. It is like a signature, where email service providers should understand it. Hi, this email is from a whitelisted domain name and we know each other, please let me in the inbox section.

How to add SPF and DKIM records

You can find SPF and DKIM record instructions on every autoresponder help section (blog or faq as well), but in most cases, the process will be the same. You will have to copy a piece of code from your autoresponder service provider and paste it (create a record) there, where your domain is parked. Watch this short video

This is very important for you as an email marketer because you really care about your own reputation. If you do not add these records, – you will not pass “safety filters” and will not be able to reach the inbox, just the spam folder…

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