How to recover facebook ads account after block

Today’s topic is: How to recover facebook ads account after block

There is a huge problem in Facebook advertising especially for those who are in make money online, internet marketing, and business opportunity niches. Overall all ads can be blocked, sometimes enough just complain from another competitor or just another user.
And yes you guess right,- I was blocked as well…
Long time I was looking answer, just how to make my old – main Facebook account being able to create Facebook ads again.
A lot of you guys were complaining about being blocked on Facebook advertising and for this reason I have made a video that will explain how to solve this problem.

Here are the steps you have to do after being blocked:

  • Create another facebook account. I suggest to use pc or laptop plus use another browser (if you always used chrome, then create new acc on firefox).
  • Warm it up. Connect with couple of people, join couple of groups, leave some comments under content, likes, shares and etc. We do not want to show facebook our account is fake.
  • From old account go to your business page or pages and make new account as an admin.
  • From new account,- register for facebook ads.
  • From new account which is registered and working with facebook ads. Go to your advertising dashboard, then click on settings and add old account user as an admin. (make sure you are friends).
  • Read facebook advertising TOS one more time and try to avoid make the same mistake again. 
  • Enjoy, because now an old account is able to use advertising function.
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