Traffic from Quora case study

I have decided to run a little test and find out: is it possible to get traffic from quora to my blog and affiliate offers. Quora is a Q&A (questions/answers) based website, similar to yahoo answers created in 2009.

Looking at the majority of traffic coming to it- top tier, only 18% is from India.

Most of the traffic is from search engines- aka organic, which ranks high for various phrases.

Traffic from Quora case study

The way all of this will work step by step:

  • Register on
  • Pick interested topics
  • Use quora search for specific topics
  • Find questions you are able to answer
  • Leave some links together with answers
  • Track progress

I will not sit all day answering questions, I will answer only 10 questions in a day and will run this continuously for 30 days. Let’s see if I will see any referral traffic on my Google analytics or any clicks/sales on affiliate offers…

This is just for fun, I really do not expect a huge impact at the moment, but keep watching this post, I will try to update it with as much information as I can.

Quora case study in progress

YouTube video
  • This is actual footage of me answering the questions
  • Spend about 40 minutes
  • Left couple of links where appropriate

Quora traffic stats after 1 day

YouTube video
  • Seem like quora profile stats is on delay of 24 hours 
  • One function I liked is to save interesting links for later, in this case I can scan content and check my interest based content.
  • Also could you do me a favor: if you will be running similar test- case study, could you follow me on quora?  

Why Quora rank so high on Google

I was surfing on quora, answering some questions, for some time, and noticed, that a lot of my answers were merged to the old threads. I’ve then started to check these topics and find out,- one of the key strategies: Why quora ranks so high on Google and other search engines.

These old posts have very good insightful answers with images and videos. In this case quora old questions get updated frequently with fresh long-copy content and search engines like Google just love that.

YouTube video

How to find the right questions to answer

  • Quora is focusing on traffic from search engine and you can find exactly what topics get organic traffic from search results. So we want to appear there…
  • Go to your browser
  • Open private incognito window
  • search for “keyword”
  • In this case you will not see relative results based on interest which is sync’ed with your Google account. But it will be the best results search engine thinks it is most important.
  • Answer these questions.
YouTube video

How to get more attention

  • Quora got similar function as social media.
  • Find interesting people in your niche/topic and follow them.
  • Some of the profiles will follow you back, just because they like how you answer questions.
  • In this case you will see questions, answers, upvotes from your following.
  • And when someone follows you they will see your content as well.
  • One thing to mention: you can share questions/answers, where you are participating in and your followers will see.
YouTube video

I was warned via email to not spam and participate in full of spam questions

quora warning about spam

  • It’s been 11 days I am answering for 10 questions every day on quora. So far yesterday was the best result for views.
  • However Quora caught me as spammer and that’s because I have posted short answer with a link (do not remember exactly what was that link: to my affiliate offer, blog post or youtube video).
  • Actually quora focus on strategy to keep users on their own platform as much as possible (the same applies to facebook).
  • I hope so to finish this case study – test without banned account.
  • Actually it is not easy to get traffic from quora as everyone talks on youtube and write blog post’s about.
  • Once you follow specific niche topcs you will get questions popped out every day, which will be repetitive.
YouTube video

Quora traffic case study results after 30 days

  • 400 answers on my profile overall now.
  • A lot of answers were merged to the old topics.
  • 2 warnings to be banned from website because of self promotion.
  • No real traffic spikes on my blog or affiliate offers.
  • Only about 10-15% of answers are with links pointing back to my website or direct affiliate link.
quora results after 30 days
quora case study results proof

Do not believe what these “GURU’S” say about easy traffic from quora, this is not true and complete #BS… Unless you are like Neil Patel, which got the whole marketing team working for you, so you could then dominate the niche,- otherwise, even do not try to chase traffic from quora.

YouTube video

Bright side: Every session was about 30-40 minutes long to find the right content to participate in. While I was scanning headlines I was generating ideas about my new blog posts or other content I could create, that’s because questions matter. If there is a problem in the marketplace,- then you can solve it and generate traffic or revenue. Yes, Quora is full of questions, which repeats every single day and that just proves,- the problem still exists…

Quora space earning Beta program

Quora space earning Beta program

Now it’s been a while I am on Quora and have created several spaces. Recently got a notification so I can apply for the Quora space earning Beta program

This means I don’t need to post affiliate links or links to my blog surrounded by content in order to make money. All concept is based just to keep everyone as long as possible on the platform and create more and more valuable content. 

If you will apply, now every fifth post or so will be an advertisement like on Facebook or Twitter.

YouTube video

Negative side: 

  • People living in some countries are not able to do so, because all payments go via Stripe.
  • I look at Quora as a traffic source and this will not help me to build an email list.
  • You will not be able to launch retargeting campaigns if that’s your goal.
  • More maintenance work: there are so many spammers and low quality content you will have to watch what’s being posted or commented. More work as an administrator, yet you can add someone to moderate all posts and comments if your space is insanely big.
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