3 email types you can send to your subscribers

3 email types you can send to your subscribers:

1. Story based emails

Used to build relationships with your email list, where you tell the story, of your own, of others, or even combine current world trends and events. Then wrap everything up with the product you are promoting. Links pointing to your own content like video, blog post, etc.

There are no limits here, you can tell what happened in the past: e.g. when you were a kid, you always wanted to have a camera to take photos.

What’s happening current time: e.g. you are doing a photoshoot with famous people in your local town.

What beliefs/plans or dreams do you have in the future: e.g. you are a landscape photographer and plan your trip to an exotic country to photograph wild animals.  

In this way you will show yourself as a real person, authority, people can imagine you being at that moment, place in action.

2. Content based emails

Usually, value-providing emails may be short or long copies- does not matter, which got only content inside:e.g. You send full tutorial on how to take good family images with DSLR. If there are no links pointing subscribers anywhere,- this is bad in my opinion, because, in this way, you are training your subscribers to not take any action at all (e.g. click links).

I would rather suggest adding content on your blog, giving just an excerpt of your content in email and a link pointing to your blog post to see the full article, tutorial, etc.

3. Promotional emails

Everyone thinks about these as a very short spammy email with a “buy my stuff” pitch and that may be, but rarely works well. Promotional emails may be combined with story-based or content-based written emails. Also, this is the best time to use scarcity/urgency to get the most out of email marketing campaign.

Looking at the bigger picture: all three email types will work well in the same sequence you are reading this blog post. First emails are introduction and building relationships,-story-based emails. Then you are sending content-based emails (don’t go wild here because you will train a freebie chaser list) and finally after you introduced yourself, show off as a friend, the authority may be an expert, just then you are sending promotional emails.

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