Best Clickfunnels Alternatives You Want To Know About

Whether you need to create the ultimate landing page that converts or maintains plenty of emails, ClickFunnels can do it all. However, it has its own limitations as well. So, you might be looking for ClickFunnels alternatives. And, if you are, you’ve come to the right place.

It took me some time to find out what other options are. That’s when I discovered that ClickFunnels isn’t the only funnel tool out there. There are just so many alternatives- each with its own potential. After all, each of these ClickFunnels alternatives comes with unique features that beat the other. 

Why You Might be Looking for Clickfunnels Alternatives

Let’s agree on one fact: ClickFunnels can be the ultimate master of the marketing funnel game. But, everyone has a different preference. What suits me might not suit you and vice versa. So, it will be somewhat biased if I were to talk about why you might be looking for a ClickFunnels alternative. 

But, I assure you that I will keep this review entirely unbiased. So, here are two of the biggest reasons for renouncing ClickFunnels and finding an alternative to it. The first one is something that every small business owner would feel. And the second point is a concern for many. 

ClickFunnels is Too Expensive

The biggest concern of many people with ClickFunnels pricing. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who might be looking for cheaper alternatives will find ClickFunnels somewhat demanding. The starter package starts from $97/month. Now, if you are on the edge of starting your business, spending that much money monthly might look expensive. 

So, if you need a strong reason, or wonder if you are the only one who thinks it to be very pricey, then you are not. Of course, there is no doubt that ClickFunnels features pay you every bit of your money back. But, the problem remains: how to afford it. That’s why you might start looking for an alternative to ClickFunnels. 

Zero Page Ownership

Now, this point may not bother everyone. Trust me, some people love authority over their pages. But here is ClickFunnels loves to keep things to itself. Well, you can’t blame it, actually. ClickFunnels way of doing things is super explicit. It will manage things so well that you won’t complain as long as you are on it. 

The problem appears when you leave ClickFunnels. And if you ever do so, you will lose everything you created. You will have to rebuild everything from scratch. That’s why many people do not like ClickFunnels, given that the owner is not entirely the sole authority here. But, hey, can you blame the company? It’s, after all, a business strategy. 

Clickfunnels Alternatives

Here is the list of the best ClickFunnels alternatives that you can use for designing the best marketing funnels. Each of them has its own specific uniqueness over the others. None on this list is positioned at the number based on their performance, but randomly. 

1. Thrivesuite from Thrive Themes

Thrive suite is a collection of WordPress plugins, which will add loads of functionality. Features very similar to Clickfunnels and, at some point even more. 

Let’s say if you want to host your own course and sell it,- you can do it using Thrive apprentice. The latest update lets you convert a website into a membership website, you can even lock specific posts/pages to appear only for members.

Build landing pages, thank you pages and yes, there is a great collection of pre-built templates already. Hint: you could even copy any landing page from any website if you want- I mean recreate by yourself. Create quiz funnels for 2 reasons: if you’re looking for viral effect and/or to collect leads at the same time.

Nope Thrive suite will not host your website or pages, meaning you will have to pay for hosting. However, even when you sum all the expenses it will be much cheaper than getting a ClickFunnels subscription.

There are no limits on how many funnels or pages you can have at all,- which means you can have unlimited.

Updated frequently, many training videos about each and every feature on youtube channel and blog provided for free, plus on top of that, you can dive into a Thrive University. Very active community on Facebook to answer all questions you can have.

Keep in mind- you will be able to publish more content, which can and will rank on Google. This is a huge plus in my opinion. BTW did you know the Clickfunnels blog is built using WordPress?. 


  • Full authority control on your domain and whole website
  • Far cheaper than ClickFunnels
  • Some identical features and output as ClickFunnels


  • You have to learn to use it (same as ClickFunnels)
  • You can’t use it without WordPress 

2. GetResponse

If you don’t want to use WordPress, and instead want a marketing automation platform such as ClickFunnels, GetResponse might be the key. It is an all-in-one platform with multiple features. For example, you get marketing automation, sales funnels, landing page builders, etc.

Why would you want to use GetResponse in the first place? Like we said previously, there are two main reasons for not using ClickFunnels- price and site authority. What GetResponse offers you is at least 3X less price with similar features. Yes, since it is a one-in-all marketing automation platform, you can manage everything from here only. 

Unlike ThriveSuites, it does not depend on WordPress. Also, unlike ClickFunnels, it does not cost much. So, you get a marketing automation tool that can take care of your emails, sales funnels, etc. It also has a new additional feature called “Autofunnel” that creates step-by-step funnels automatically. 

Keep in mind: you can send emails (use autoresponder) only using Clickfunnels Platinum, while on GetResponse this feature will be available using any plan. So if you use the Clickfunnels Startup plan, an autoresponder will be required and you will have to get additional service anyway.


  • It costs a lot less
  • Simple to use
  • One platform for all your landing pages, pop-ups, automated email marketing, etc. 


  • Limited landing page capabilities 
  • You will pay more as your audience grows

Check out GetResponse Review for more details.

3. BuilderAll

BuilderAll is not a very young name in the game. Some of you might not have even heard of it until now. However, this platform has a huge potential to grow. BuilderAll, like GetResponse and ClickFunnels, is an all-in-one platform of sales funnels and marketing tools. So, you get it, and you can do whatever marketing-related stuff you have to. 

If going into the specifics, BuilderAll has tools for email marketing. It offers you the hosting as well as supports the automated sales funnel process. On the other hand, it is a lot cheaper than ClickFunnels itself. So, BuilderAll might be a smart choice for new entrepreneurs who might be looking for cheaper alternatives. 

One thing associated with SAAS is the lack of a support forum. Also, some have complained about their customer service too. 

Well, most of you know that there is a community of ClickFunnels users. So, if you ever face any issue with the platform, you can contact other users instead of customer service. You might find many glitches in the system. 

BuilderAll community is gradually developing. So, you can’t expect much help from them. Thanks to its price and features, it is one of the great ClickFunnels alternatives for new businesses and entrepreneurs out there. 


  • One-in-all marketing automation platform
  • Low price and affordable
  • Offers to host
  • Create unlimited pages


  • Very new in the field
  • Customer service is not the best
  • You may face bugs and glitches. 

4. Unbounce

Next comes Unbounce to the list of ClickFunnels alternatives. Well, many of you probably have heard the name of it. Unbounce is mostly known for its magnificent capability of designing beautiful landing pages. 

One of the unique features is dynamic text replacement. You can attach external variables if you run ad campaigns. The visitors can see exactly the same headline on the landing page as stated on the Google ad. This will create a super relevant user experience. 

Another unique feature, which grabs my attention is “Smart copy”. One of the functions is to generate copy in 6 different languages to reach a wider audience. it can also completely rewrite your copy or write another paragraph for you.  

If you compare the subscription plans of Clickfunnels and Unbounce, Unbounce would still be very cheap with all those third-party tools. A decision is always yours. If you want the ease and comfort of working on a single platform with all its capable and original tools, Clickfunnels is still a better alternative. 

However, if you choose to pick something similar, which helps you to build beautiful landing pages that convert and are okay with using third-party tools, Unbounce will be a lot more helpful. 


  • You can create your own unique landing pages
  • Intuitive 
  • Has unique features


  • There is a learning curve
  • Email marketing feature not included

5. Leadpages

Leadpages is what you can say a deal of a deal. You don’t want to spend much money, yet want something suitable, go for Leadpages. Why? Well, the tool is mostly focused on designing the perfect landing pages for your business.

Huge library of pages and integrations with other platforms for any small business needs. The landing page builder is better, but the overall funnel builder is not. CF offers upsells, downsells, and order bumps. Note that  A/B testing is not included in the basic plan. 

BTW It is one of the strongest competitors to ClickFunnels

So, in short, Leadpages is suitable for you if you are trying to find something inexpensive yet valuable for the buck. Yes, you might not like its editor that much, but it is a lot better than what you are paying for. If you are new to business or do not want to invest in expensive marketing tools, this is a great Clickfunnels alternative you should look at. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Features two editors- beginner and expert
  • Has many integrations with other platforms
  • Good customer service


  • Fewer features available compared to ClickFunnels

6. Instapage

Last, but not least is Instapage. Landing page builder with loads of functions like reusable blocks, server-side A/ B testing, dynamic text replacement when running ads. 

Integrations with other platforms: Zapier, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce. One unique feature that caught my eye is heatmaps, which let you see visitor behavior on the page. Another thing I like is: everyone will have a dedicated customer service manager. 

BTW Instapage claims to be the fastest when talking about page loading times among other similar tools,- which I could argue about. (Check: Fast loading WordPress guide)


  • Has unique features and functions
  • Powerful editor
  • Fast loading pages improves visitor experience
  • Having top tier you can ask for custom functionality to be added
  • Every customer can get help from dedicated manager or even dedicated launch specialist


  • Quite expensive
  • You might not need so many features
  • Email marketing feature not included

Why Use Clickfunnels Instead of Others?

Now, even after all these ClickFunnels alternatives, I somehow feel that ClickFunnel is still a pro at the game. This tool certainly has its perks over the others but here are some of the reasons you might want to reconsider your decision about ClickFunnels. 

Easy Customizable Template

ClickFunnels has plenty of ready-made templates already available at your bay. However, if you want to design one yourself, that wouldn’t be a huge problem. ClickFunnels editor is one of the strongest in the market. Plus, it has its own features and tools to help you. It ensures that you don’t need any previous design or technical knowledge to build an effective landing page. 

Communication tools 

If you have a ClickFunnels Platinum plan, with Actionetics included, then you can send emails, SMS messages, desktop notifications, and Facebook messages because these tools are already integrated. So, you can manage all your contacts on one single platform.  

A/B Testing

Do you want to create multiple funnels and test which one is actually the best? Well, you’ve got it here. ClickFunnels A/B testing is one of the most powerful and accurate testing tools. 

Live Webinars

Webinars have now become a pillar of the digital world. World businesses have become more dependent on it ever since the Pandemic began. However, with Clickfunnels, you can host webinars right from your hub, making it a whole less of a struggle while increasing the brand image. 

Easy Interface

ClickFunnel has one unified dashboard where you can keep track of everything. Its user interface is super easy and smooth. You don’t have to be a technical person to know how to use it.

Payment Integration and Smart Shopping Cart

If you want to include money transactions through your landing pages or funnels, ClickFunnels has payment integration for you. It ensures safe and secured money transactions on the platform itself. Also, you can design an attractive shopping cart that will help you convert your leads into customers. 

ClickFunnels Alternatives Pricing table

Product nameMin priceMax price
ClickFunnels$97 per month$297 per month
Thrive Suite (all included)$99 every three months$299 per year
GetResponse (1000 contacts)$40 per month$80 per month
BuilderAll$15 per month (limited)$80 per month
Unbounce$90 per month$225 per month
Leadpages$37 per month$74 per month
Instapage$199 per monthN/A contact support


In the end, I can only say that ClickFunnels has the power to dominate the marketing world. But, if you know your way and know how to accomplish the goal, the tool really doesn’t matter. And I’m not saying it is because ClickFunnels is too expensive, but because we are at the beginning. 

To learn is to grow. So, if you want something that would guide you through the funnel-building process and introduce you to the world of digital marketing, you can go for either of these ClickFunnels alternatives. After all, it all comes down to our personal preferences and needs.

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