Google instant indexing API and RankMath for real time indexing

Do you want to index your blog post fast? This is a huge problem for some websites as Google does not crawl and include all content in search results. If you are a WordPress user you can use Google instant indexing API and RankMath plugin to do it. 

How to use Google instant indexing API and RankMath to index content in real time

1. You must have Google account (if not just create one)

2. Create new project by following this link here

google cloud create project

3. Give your project a name

add project name

4. Create service account

create service account

5. Add project name, skip all fields and click “done”

service account details

6. Copy email (we will need it later)

copy email

7. Find “Manage keys” on the menu

manage keys google instant indexing api

8. Create new JSON key (the key will be auto downloaded to your computer and you can open it with notepad)

create new key
key type json

9. Download and install Instant indexing for Google by RankMath plugin

10. Add JSON key in the plugin settings

add json key to google instant indexing rankmath

11. Add new user to Google search console (use email created in the step 3)

add user google search console

12. Enable project Google instant indexing API

Follow this link and click “Enable”

enable google instant indexing api

Note: if you want to faster index existing old pages go to Google search console and open tab “Pages”. You will now see “Not indexed pages”. Copy all urls and paste into the appropriate plugin field, then click send to API. 

There is a limit of 200 urls a day

Make sure you don’t try to index empty posts/pages- Google will not index those.

Don’t try to index garbage content.

What is Google instant indexing API? 

The Indexing API allows any site owner to directly notify Google when pages are added or removed. This allows Google to schedule pages for a fresh crawl, which can lead to higher quality user traffic.

Google requirements and full documentation 

You can find Google instant indexing API documentation here 

As it states in the quick start guide this is for JobPosting or BoadcastEvent embedded in VideObject. However many  SEO’s and bloggers see success using this technique for indexing articles.

What is the Instant indexing RankMath plugin?

Rank Math’s Instant Indexing plugin allows you to submit your URLs to IndexNow-enabled search engines and helps you to index your website and its content, even without configuring your site with any of these webmaster tools.

Wrapping up

I’ve found out about this technique by watching a video on youtube of an interview with Charles Floate. He explained a strategy he was using behind the scenes on how you can create a ton of content for a niche website and index all blog posts in no time.

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