12 Tips To Secure WordPress Website

Most website owners trust default content management system installation settings and this is a huge mistake. You must secure WordPress website before it is being hacked, because after it may be more complicated or even not possible to do it yourself. Secure WordPress website (checklist): Below you will find all the steps to protect blogs

Best WordPress Themes for Core Web Vitals

Did you know that your WordPress theme has a lot to do with core web vitals? It is important to find themes that are not bloated with unnecessary code, load fast, and can provide a great user experience. That’s why we have gathered a list of the best WordPress themes for Google Core Web Vitals. 

How to Fix Core Web Vitals for WordPress (2022 Guide)

Core web vitals became the most important SEO update in 2021 everyone is talking about. Websites with poor user experience may lose rankings in SERP even the content is good. How to deal with it?- read this guide till the end and I will show you interesting ways to pass all the tests 100%. Table

Best WordPress quiz plugin to build email list or go viral

Did you know you can build email lists or create a viral effect in an interactive way? I’ve tried several options and ended up with the best WordPress quiz plugin – Thrive quiz builder, which works like a charm. There are several things that could be improved like loading time, and backend navigation, but overall

How to transfer domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap

I’ve been with GoDaddy for 5+ years already, but now decided to move away. If you have “enough” of overpriced domains and want to save some cash on the next bill, then I suggest you to transfer all domains to NameCheap as well. In this short tutorial I will show you How to transfer domain

How to add rich snippets structured data to WordPress

Rich snippets structured data is an important part of seo. If you want your website to stand out and rank higher in search results this is a “must” these days. In this blog post I will try to give you tons of valuable information on how to add rich snippets structured data to WordPress. (p.s.

How to setup WordPress blog to load via Cloudflare

I was always interested on how to make my website to load faster and you probably already read my WordPress optimization guide here. Still after changing domain name, I’ve decided to route my domain via Cloudflare directly, because shared Hostgator server does not load fast enough…  In this short guide I will show you How

How to add Facebook pixel to WordPress

Quick Navigation What are the benefits of adding Facebook pixel to Wordpress? How to add Facebook pixel to Wordpress step by step Guide WordPress dashboard setup How to add Facebook pixel to WordPress Video tutorial There are a lot of bloggers and website owners, who still don’t really know how to add Facebook pixel to

How to create good headlines which get clicked

Every entrepreneur blogger and marketer need to send a message and today I will show you How to create good headlines Headlines are everywhere: Blog posts Landing pages Email marketing- subject lines Social media That’s why it is very important to create attention grabbing text. Just think about your own behaviour and it will make

How to make your blog to load faster

If you are reading this, probably got the same problems I have and it is headache for everyone, because if your website loads very slow, then visitors leaving your site or not coming at all to see your awesome content. I’ve spend whole day just testing and decided to document everything on How to make