How to Fix Core Web Vitals for WordPress (2022 Guide)

What are core web vitals? Core web vitals is a Google algorithm tracking user experience on poor-performing websites. This update targets all traffic coming from mobile devices. Machine learning makes a record every time someone clicks and browses your site, then makes an overall report of metrics. As a website owner, you should take care

5 Best Chrome extensions for SEO

Best Chrome extensions for SEO 1. Similar web With Similar web you can estimate website traffic, audience insights also approximately get an idea of which websites referring/ sending traffic and where people go after they visit that specific web. Some people say it is not accurate and I agree. Yet, having even approximate numbers is

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How to add rich snippets structured data to WordPress

What is a rich snippet? ​Rich snippets are special markup data used to allow search engines to understand your content in-depth. ​Yoast rich snippets Yes, the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress works well. You will be able to set all main options for Google to index your site, connect to webmaster tools, make descriptions, show

How to create good headlines which get clicked

​How to create good headlines ​Headlines are everywhere: ​Blog posts Landing pages ​Email marketing– subject lines Social media ​That’s why it is very important to create attention-grabbing text. Just think about your own behavior and it will make sense. Imagine browsing the news portal,- what is the first text, which you notice and decide if

How to appear on Google news

For those who never heard of Google news you can read on your computer,>>here How ever most readers are from mobile devices. As far as I know, the News app is on the newest android phones/tablets. And every user has their own settings on what news they will get according to interest, recent purchase the

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How to make your blog to load faster

If you are reading this, probably got the same problems I have and it is a headache for everyone, because if your website loads very slow, then visitors leave your site or do not come at all to see your awesome content. I’ve spent the whole day just testing and decided to document everything on