How to add Facebook pixel to WordPress

There are a lot of bloggers and website owners, who still don’t really know how to add Facebook pixel to Wordpress. So today I will explain step by step this simple process. 

What are the benefits of adding Facebook pixel to Wordpress?

Even you are not advertising yet,- you have to look foward and add it as soon as possible, because in a time you will get blog visitors from various sources like Google search, Bing, all social media platforms you use plus backlinks. These visitors data will be captured by Facebook, so later on you will be able to run retargeting campaigns. Also you will be able to create events like subscriber opt ins to your email list for email marketing, custom audiences and etc...

How to add Facebook pixel to Wordpress step by step Guide

Login to your Facebook account and click on the little arrow pointing down. Click on the manage ads. If you have never advertised on Facebook you may need to confirm you want to advertise, just follow the instructions. 

Facebook menu manage ads how to add facebook pixel to wordpressFacebook menu manage ads how to add facebook pixel to wordpress[/tcb-noscript]

You have to reach front advertising dashboard as in the image below.

Facebook ads accountFacebook ads account[/tcb-noscript]

On the top left corner you will see three little lines and name Facebook ads, click on it to access the main menu.

Under Measure & Report => Events manager  find “Pixels” option, click on it.

Facebook ads main menuFacebook ads main menu[/tcb-noscript]

If you have not created Pixel yet, Facebook will guide you through simple process, where you will have to give a name for a pixel. 

On the right side find button “Details”

Facebook pixel detailsFacebook pixel details[/tcb-noscript]

Next window will popup. On the top right side find Set Up and choose  Install Pixel

Facebook pixel set upFacebook pixel set up[/tcb-noscript]
facebook install pixelfacebook install pixel[/tcb-noscript]

I usually pick an option to manually add pixel to my website. 

manually add pixel code to a websitemanually add pixel code to a website[/tcb-noscript]

The code should be added to the header section of your website just before </head>  tag.

Facebook pixel base codeFacebook pixel base code[/tcb-noscript]

WordPress dashboard setup

Now log in to your Wordpress dashboard and if your theme does not have special “perks”, where you can add codes, you will have to use additional plugin. I suggest this one, because it works just fine and is easy to setup.  

Once you have logged go to plugins => add new.

wordpress plugins add newwordpress plugins add new[/tcb-noscript]

On the top right corner will be a search bar, write “header footer” and press enter.

Find “Header Footer Code Manager” by 99robots creator

Click on Install now and Activate

Now go back to the Facebook tab and click on the code, it will be copied automatically, if not, select all code right mouse click and copy it. 

Go back to the Wordpress tab and find HFCM click on it to add new snippet.

Fill in the information, paste pixel code and finally do not forget to click “Save”.

header footer adding pixelheader footer adding pixel[/tcb-noscript]

Now we want to check if that pixel code fires correctly. We need to open chrome browser and add extension. Go to chrome store and look for “Facebook pixel helper”. Add it to your browser.

Now open your website and (not an admin area, but actual blog) and see If all working fine.

Facebook pixel working fineFacebook pixel working fine[/tcb-noscript]

If you would like to know how to create events and audience’s, please watch the video.

How to add Facebook pixel to WordPress Video tutorial

Well, congratulations you now know How to add Facebook pixel to Wordpress.

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