How to find Instagram influencers

Instagram is still a very popular social media network and many business and brand owners looking to gain more followers, create brand awareness, place their own products and services in front of a large established audience. There are so many accounts, so you can “get lost” on this big “ocean”, just checking accounts, who might even not interested, what you have to say… here…

Why would you like to search for Instagram influencers?

  • You have “fresh” instagram account. 
  • You want to gain more followers.
  • You want to get more engagement: likes, comments.
  • You want to launch brand awareness campaign.
  • You want to get more website visits, subscribers, sales.

How to find instagram influencers easy way

  • Open your favorite browser
  • Go to
  • What platform we are looking in?-
  • What else we can search?- we can search for identifier, people who wish to collaborate and looking for business opportunities. They wish to be contacted via email or direct message. Here, simple and most used email service providers can help e.g. and etc.
  • Now it is time to identify niche we are looking for e.g. travel, photography, marketing, business and etc.
  • Let’s move foward and narrow down search results to specific location e.g. “usa” “Canada” “Australia” and etc.

What results we get from all of this information combined: "" business "USA"

Another operator can be used in this situation "" business "USA"
How to find instagram influencers search results

Why this method works?

Searching on Instagram itself is really time-consuming and you could spend days surfing just to find the right people because you have to open IG profiles one by one or you can search for hashtags and see, who will “pop up”. Google indexing Instagram accounts as different pages and everything that is written in the profile description is indexed as well. So basically we are scraping the web and it works like a charm.

How to find Instagram Influencers video

One more thing…

Please, never use this method for evil: do not scrape profiles and add them to your email list straight directly or use them in any other unethical inappropriate way.  If you want to build a legit subscriber database, rather follow my recommendations in the email marketing section. 

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