Promote Affiliate Links Without Blog or Website [10 ways]

The majority of people who are just starting out want to know How to Promote affiliate links without a blog or website. This often happens because they don’t want to learn new things or spent money on a domain name and hosting. Publishing a blog consistently is not an easy task as well as not many people like to write. 

At first glance it looks super easy and takes just these simple 4 steps to start:

  1. Find an affiliate program you want to promote. There are many marketplaces you can find products or services in any niche. If you are struggling with ideas check my previous post about high-paying affiliate programs
  2. Get affiliate links and other creatives provided by the vendor. Sometimes you will get just a raw link and sometimes the vendor provides you with a pack of so-called affiliate tools, which may include images, videos, banners and etc formatted for a specific purpose. E.g. share particualarry on instagram story. If not then it is not a big deal as you can use free tools like Canva to create it yourself.
  3. Create a tracking link. Yes, you need to track which traffic source or asset brings you the most benefits, otherwise, you might waste your time and advertising budget. (More about how to track links here).
  4. Final step: promote

How to pick an affiliate product to promote

When you start surfing around you might get “greedy” as there are affiliate programs, which pay a lot for a sale. However, I would recommend you choose a product or service you know at least something about. 

Let’s say you are interested in photography. 

In this case, you can sell physical products like cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, and physical books.

Info products like ebooks, courses, and workshops from other creators.

SAAS-type products like Adobe Photoshop subscription.

Refer to other photographers making real photoshoot sessions.   

I will be honest: When it comes time to promote, there are no shortcuts. You either spend time and create some sort of content or pay money for advertising (sometimes even both). 

Free ways to promote as many people say is just partially true as it will cost your time and time in business is money. 

How to Promote affiliate links without blog or website

Free ways to promote:

  • Video marketing is trending. Youtube and TikTok are the two best platforms in my opinion to start with.  
  • Social media– I could bet you already have one or several social media accounts.
  • Podcasts became a very popular media format as people don’t need to read or watch. They can listen and do other daily activities like exercising in the gym, while driving a car, cooking food and etc. 
  • Forums are not dead, there are active communities in which you can join, discuss, give valuable information and add your links to what is relevant.
  • Pdf ebook– open Canva or Google docs and create a short interesting ebook, inside add your links, then share it for free everywhere you can. People will download and some will buy. You could even get a PLR ebook and edit it according to your needs.

Paid ways to promote:

  • Solo ads– get traffic by leveraging other email marketers’ lists. You can find solo ad sellers on Facebook, forums, contacting blog owners, or Solo ad selling hubs like Udimi.
  • Influencer marketing– in a time some content creators build a highly engaged audience. This might be a chance for you to contact them and ask if they would like to collaborate and how much they would charge for a post with a link to your affiliate offer.  
  • PPC (Pay Per Click advertising)– you will have to learn how to create ad campaigns. Also depends on the offer you picked to promote, but Google AdWords just don’t like some niches be careful and read the advertising terms of service. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft ads (previously called Bing ads) as this is a cheaper good quality traffic source. 
  • Native ads– in my experience it is much easier to set up compared to PPC.
  • Guest posting still works you just need to find a website relevant to your niche with a ton of traffic, which accepts guest posts. Try using Google operators e.g. “photography write for us” or “photography advertise with us”.    

Wrapping up

Is it possible to promote affiliate links without a blog or website?- yes it is. But keep in mind it will not be as easy and will require you to learn new things, spend time and money. Every listed traffic source in this article requires attention to detail and has its own peculiarities. 

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