Top 5 calls to action strategies to get more leads and sales

Top 5 calls to action strategies

1. Scarcity

You have to make offers or bonuses to be available for a limited time. Add some sort of urgency to take action today. Very effective is to add count down timer, so visitors can see, how much time is left, till the offer ends. 

  • E.g. Get a 20% discount if you buy today.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free (offer ends at midnight)
  • Get it today and I will give you a “bonus”

​2. Social proof

If visitors will see other people buying/using products it will instantly trigger them to buy as well or to take other action you wish. Hundreds of people leaving feedback with positive reviews can’t be wrong at this point. This is successfully implemented by companies like Amazon (and yes a lot of people read these reviews before purchase).

​3. Likeability

feedback emoji

People will buy more from you if they will like, trust and resonate with you and what you are doing. People buy from people and it is ok to show some personality, laugh, smile a little bit. Being too serious may pull people away. 

Probably everyone has their own interests and hobbies also following at least a couple of personas on youtube or Facebook.  BTW follow ​PeakMinute on youtube  here<<<

Like me: I’m interested in marketing and sales,- following Russell Brunson and all the products he recommends, which makes life easier for everyone in the digital marketing space. You get valuable information and the best quality tools to use.  

​4. Objection

You have to listen and research your client’s problems and find out why they would not buy products or services compared to the market. Following trends and implementing them into the pitch is the way to go here.  Feedback, comments, discussions on forums are important,- you will better know, what to expect, when selling your own products, making offers as an affiliate or salesperson. 

​5. Control options

When a visitor gets too many options to choose from, he most likely will not buy at all. Rather focus on one offer and upsell later. This problem is very common with shops. 

Just try to imagine what is happening behind the scene: when a visitor comes to the shop, surfing for some time. Adding to the cart one product, which he likes, then adding another product and another,- all this ends up with a shopping cart abandoned action, because the overall price is way too big to spend in one go. If that’s the problem you are facing right now, you can solve it by using sales funnels. First let the potential customers purchase and add payment information, later on, redirect it to upsell. ClickFunnels are the best solution for this.   

These 5 calls to action strategies are the main in my opinion, now it is time to start implementing them into your business to get more leads and sales at the same time building trust and relationships with your audience. 

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