Best WordPress quiz plugin to build email list or go viral

I’ve tried several options and ended up with the best WordPress quiz plugin – Thrive quiz builder, which works like a charm. There are several things that could be improved like loading time, and backend navigation, but overall I’m happy with it. 

How will this wordpress quiz plugin help you to build an email list?

Many marketers and website owners don’t know or don’t use quizzes- this is a shame. This is a great way to build email lists, get more exposure on social media, or survey people surfing your web. As you understood your main end goal may be:

  1. Build email list- email marketing is one of the most important aspects to focus on. 
  2. Viral effect on social media- an option to make quiz “share” oriented.
  3. Survey visitors- get insights from real people.
wordpress quiz plugin thrive quiz builder

Visitors love interaction in theme quizzes

Taking a quiz is a fun time and there are many examples out there to prove it. One of the most successful websites is BuzzFeed, people search for “Buzzfeed quizzes” 1.5 million times a month. This website is based purely on entertainment and fun completely. I can’t promise you to get the same result, however, this is a huge number in my opinion. 

buzzfeed quizzes

Thrive themes quiz builder benefits

  • Easy installation of plugin
  • No coding even creating complex funnel
  • Designed templates are awesome looking on mobile, tablet or desktop. 
  • Questions and answers can have images
  • I love the option to add an opt-in gate with skippable or not skippable option. 
  • Customisable sharing badge 
  • Thrive quiz builder results page can be customised to your needs (even has A/B testing option)
  • Reports will show you valuable insights on how your quiz is performing plus how many people started/ finished. 
  • Unique feature to add tags in the process, which can be forwarded to your email service provider (in other words you will see same tags in your autoresponder)
  • Thrive themes Wordpress quiz plugin constantly updated to be compatible with the latest WordPress content management system version.

Use quiz as a lead magnet

Yes, you heard me right, quiz as a lead magnet– what happens behind the curtain is people not only playing a game but actually making micro-commitments. By answering questions they can automatically be segmented depending on which option they click. 

If you give them a good reason to finish the quiz by the end, they will most likely land on your mailing list.

How to create quizzes – strategy

  • Think about end goal as a creator
  • Depending on you strategy and purpose make a research
  • Hook people on your splash page- give them a reason to finish it
  • Ask the right questions your audience is interested in
  • Add funny questions or images if you can- don’t be boring
  • Get visitors email address before they see results
  • Make sure result page got sharing buttons

How to come up with creative quiz ideas?

This depends on your niche and requirements: make sure you’ve made research/ prethink about possible scenarios. Visit popular quiz sites to get a better idea: of what your splash page can look like, what questions may be asked. Don’t make it too complex or ask too many questions, whatever your goal is 8-15 questions is max- moving forwards the attendee will more likely not finish at all. 

Real world example

 Imagine if you’re coming to the shopping center to buy clothes. A good salesman would ask specific questions like:

  • Salesman What are you looking for?
  • You: t-shirts.
  • Salesman: what kind of t-shirts  would you like, we have simple ones, v-neck, polo t-shirts.
  • You: v-neck.
  • Salesman: What colors do you like? We have all the range.
  • You: white with small or no logos on it.
  • Salesman: What size do you need.
  • You: usually M size fits for me.
  • Salesman: we have these t-shirts, which will cost you $25
  • You: uchh… maybe you’ve got something less expensive?
  • Salesman: this week we run a promotion and it is at a discount with 30% off-sounds fair enough?
  • You: Great I’ll take it.

The same principles may be applied in the quiz building. In this example, it took a salesman to ask 6 questions to know what you are looking for and sell. 

By asking the right questions you lead visitors to your goal (if there is one). However, you can create a quiz just for fun with the intent to share it when he or she reaches the results page. 

Optimize Thrive quiz builder results page for sharing

Social media may be very useful- If your end goal for users is to share quizzes. Make sure your questions are not super hard to answer, interesting and funny. You have to create good emotion for the attendees. 

If you have a Facebook page you probably know Facebook organic reach dropped significantly. However, when attendees finish the quiz and share it on social media it will be shared on their personal profile. This means all friends will see a message and may respond. Personal profile reach is working a bit differently compared to Facebook pages and may create a viral effect. People will be more likely to click and finish quizzes if the message will be from a friend who they know, like, and trust. 

After all ask yourself: would I share this? Before spreading the word gives a link to co-workers, friends, and family members, this can help you to find grammar mistakes or not logical steps- ask them for quick feedback (what they think). 

Segmenting is the key

By answering questions people will segment themselves; they may tell you what they want. You just have to rethink and give logical options. If you use an opt-in gate you can now categorize subscribers and add them to different lists. It will help you to send the more congruent messages later on in your email follow-up sequence. For example, people going to the gym for 2 years will be less likely to be interested in beginner tips on how to get 6-pack. That’s why you can’t send the same message to all people on your contact list. 

Thrive Quiz Builder price

Product NameThrive Quiz Builder
Product BrandThrive Suite
Is a free trial available?No (30-day money-back guaranteed)
Price per month$19
Price per year$228

I hope so after this review you will find the WordPress quiz plugin just to try it out. In my experience quizzes work fine and attract/ bring traffic back creating a viral loop of visitors.

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