Thrive Automator plugin for WordPress Review (FREE Download)

Do you want to have more functionality on your website? As a website owner and marketer often think about specific visitor actions that could be taken after a certain event happens in your funnel? Keep reading to learn how Thrive Automator can help you.

What is Thrive Automator?

Thrive Automator is a WordPress plugin developed by Thrive Themes that allows you to build workflows. Send and receive data between different applications, plugins, and services. Create exact scenario rules for specific events that will trigger the next action to happen.

How Thrive Automator works

In order to understand the concept look at it this way: When “this” event happens,- do “this” action.

Thrive Automator plugin webhooks communicate with other apps. Webhooks can be incoming-> to get data and outgoing-> to send data from your website. 

Why this is important and what problem does it solve?

There are many cases when you want more functionality than you have and hiring a dedicated developer might be expensive. By using Thrive Automator you can do it yourself without breaking a bank. 

Another point is you will use fewer tools and plugins on your website, which bloats the code and makes the website slow. You want to use as little as possible to have a fast-loading website and meet Google Core Web Vitals requirements to rank higher looking from an SEO perspective. 

Note that: it not only works with Thrive Suite plugins, which are listed by default. But it will work with other plugins and services completely not associated with the company as a separate WordPress plugin. E.g. WooCommerce and your CRM 

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Thrive Automator workflow examples 

I want to mention some examples, for you to have a better idea, of what can you roughly do using Thrive Automator:  

  • You can create a new connection when there is no integration with your email service provider and Thrive Leads
  • Directly connect your website and payment system. For example, you want to sell a course using Thrive Apprentice and using Stripe as a payment processor. 
  • Start Thrive Ultimatum campaign when the first 2 free lessons are finished in the course you sell. 
  • When the customer finished all purchased courses, then send an email asking for feedback using Thrive Ovation or any other method. 
  • If a user leaves feedback, then give them a discount for another purchase or give them a bonus.
  • Create an account on your website when a visitor makes a purchase.
  • Grand access to a course when a visitor becomes a subscriber. 
  • Add a tag when the user enrolls in the course. 
  • The connection between two different websites: in a situation when your sales page is on one website, but the product has a dedicated another website. After purchase, you can create automation to give access to a customer.
ProductThrive Automator
Developed byThrive Themes
Years started in2021
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How to get Thrive Automator

Once the plugin was started it was only available for everyone who uses Thrive Suite and has full bundle membership, but from 16 05 2022, Thrive Themes made the plugin completely free for everyone. 

For developers

Thrive Themes encourages all service providers to collaborate by creating their own integration associated with the Automator plugin for WordPress. If your integration will appear on the options list you can and will get more clients over time. Here is a GitHub repo if you’re interested. 

Wrapping up

Before Thrive suite was working great on WordPress using its own closed ecosystem. However, this is a huge step forwards by opening doors for anyone to add necessary functions using Thrive Automation plugin.    

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