How to use Influencer Marketing to grow business

Do you use influencer marketing in your business? Everyone follows at least one or two people on Instagram or maybe YouTube. We enjoy their contents and share them. Did you know that some of these internet stars get paid to market products and services? Well in this post, we will take a look at all

What is customer avatar – reach your target audience

Do you know what a customer avatar is and how to create yours? Table Of Contents What is a customer avatar? Why Do You Need to Create a Customer Avatar? How to Create the Ideal Customer Avatar Demographic Information Desires & Goals Pain Points Personal Tastes & Personality Purchasing Habits Sources of Information Sample Customer

Email Marketing Strategy Comprehensive guide

Do you know how to create and execute an effective marketing strategy? With an estimated 270 billion emails being sent daily around the world, there is a lot of competition for people’s attention. There are only so many emails a person can read during a day. In fact, most emails stay unread and ignored, so

How to transfer domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap

I’ve been with GoDaddy for 5+ years already, but now decided to move away. If you have “enough” of overpriced domains and want to save some cash on the next bill, then I suggest you to transfer all domains to NameCheap as well. In this short tutorial I will show you How to transfer domain

Best Movies for Entrepreneurs you must see

  I love watching good movies in free time, especially those, which are story-based and I can even learn something. Yes, all movies actually story-based and you either like it or not. BTW some stories are just a fantasy of creative author, another is based on true-life stories.        So here is a

6 Emotional Triggers Why People Buy

Quick Navigation 6 Emotional triggers why people buy: 1. Greed 2. Fear 3. Altruism 4. Envy 5. Pride 6. Shame Did you guys know that basically all buying decisions come down to 6 emotional triggers? 🧐 You’re a salesperson – period! ‼️ And when speaking with a prospect, you’ll find that the sale is way

MaxBounty review All you need to know about CPA network

Quick Navigation What is maxbounty? Offers you can promote How to get approved on MaxBounty CPA network How to create MaxBounty account (important!): What is incentive traffic? Maxbounty phone call Maxbounty affiliate manager How to make money with MaxBounty as an affiliate There are so many affiliate programs you can get lost in this “ocean”.

How to find Instagram influencers

Quick Navigation For everyone, who prefer not to read, watch this video. Why would you like to search for Instagram influencers? How to find instagram influencers easy way What results we get from all of this information combined: Why this method works? One more thing… For everyone, who prefer not to read, watch this video.

How to create good headlines which get clicked

Every entrepreneur blogger and marketer need to send a message and today I will show you How to create good headlines Headlines are everywhere: Blog posts Landing pages Email marketing- subject lines Social media That’s why it is very important to create attention grabbing text. Just think about your own behaviour and it will make

Top 5 calls to action strategies to get more leads and sales

Quick Navigation Top 5 calls to action strategies Scarcity Social proof Likeability Objection Control options Very often bloggers and marketers, who are just starting don’t have a clue what to include in the “message”,- landing pages, sales pages and other content which should persuade visitors to take action. That is why I have decided to