Business Ideas for Women

Best Business Ideas for Women Just before starting make sure you pick something you like and know at least a little bit, otherwise, it will not work in a long term. Freelance Writer Many companies these days are trying to figure out how to get to the #1 page on Google for their niche as

30 Best Business Ideas for Students

30 Business Ideas for Students 1. Twitch Streamer You probably already play video games anyway. Being a Twitch Streamer can be a great way to earn income and have fun doing what you’re already good at. People can give you donations while watching you play video games. You do have to treat this like a

50 Best Business Ideas to make money

Well, you are in the right place because in this post I will give you loads of them and you can start with no or minimal investments. Whether you have extra time or you’re in “lockdown” during a pandemic period-must stay at home, you can get extra or full-time income depending on which route you

10 Ways how to promote affiliate products

Waking up to money made from your affiliate commission while you’re holidaying on a beach, somewhere in the Caribbean islands. At least, this is the impression many people have about affiliate marketing. Along with the endless ads you get on your favorite blog or YouTube channel – affiliate marketing seems the dream job for anyone.

How to use Influencer Marketing to grow business

Everyone follows at least one or two people on Instagram or maybe YouTube. We enjoy their content and share them. Did you know that some of these internet stars get paid to market products and services? Well in this post, we will take a look at all that you need to know about influencer marketing.

What is customer avatar – reach your target audience

If you are thinking about creating and launching a product or have started working as an affiliate, it is crucial to know who your customers are. Knowing and understanding those who have already bought or will buy your products is essential to optimize your results and create better offers. If you don’t know your customer,

Email Marketing Strategy Comprehensive guide

But is it right for you? If you are promoting a product or service online, or even operating an online store, then email marketing is something that you should definitely start looking into. Not only can email marketing help you increase your sales, but it can help you connect with your customer base in a

How to transfer domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap

How to transfer domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap & save some cash Login to your GoDaddy account  Click on the domain you want to transfer Go to the very bottom and unlock it Go to NameCheap and create your account if you haven’t done so already  On the top menu find “transfer to us” Enter

Best Movies for Entrepreneurs you must see

Best movies for entrepreneurs ​:  The Wolf of Wall Street The Founder Catch Me If You Can The Social Network War Room Fyre Office Space  Moneyball  Steve Jobs  Becoming Warren Buffett  Pirates of Silicon Valley  Something Ventured  Margin Call  Tucker: The Man and His Dream The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard  How to Get

6 Emotional Triggers Why People Buy

You’re a salesperson – period! ‼️ And when speaking with a prospect, you’ll find that the sale is way smooth when you touch on some of these emotional triggers. ​ 6 Emotional triggers why people buy: ​1. Greed We’re all a little bit greedy. 🤷‍♂️ Everybody is motivated by self-interest. If you can make the