MaxBounty review All you need to know about CPA network

What is maxbounty? ​MaxBounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network, which provides affiliate marketers the opportunity to become affiliates for different companies (vendors) and earn extra money for every website visitor they bring to these companies. ​​Offers you can promote ​Surveys, sweepstakes, credit cards, loans, insurance, Forex, keto, app installs, dating and

How to find Instagram influencers

Instagram is still a very popular social media network and many business and brand owners looking to gain more followers, create brand awareness, place their own products and services in front of a large established audience. There are so many accounts, so you can “get lost” on this big “ocean”, just checking accounts, who might

How to create good headlines which get clicked

​How to create good headlines ​Headlines are everywhere: ​Blog posts Landing pages ​Email marketing– subject lines Social media ​That’s why it is very important to create attention-grabbing text. Just think about your own behavior and it will make sense. Imagine browsing the news portal,- what is the first text, which you notice and decide if

What type of Business should I Start?

What type of business should I start ​What skills do I have right now? If you are working a job you already love, this may become the foundation for building your own business.  E.g. you are an accountant working in the office for a company.  Is this profitable?- yes. Do other business owners need people