GetResponse Review Features and Pricing at glance

What is GetResponse? If you are looking for a well-balanced and affordable automated emailing and funnel generation tool, look no more. GetResponse is here to save the day with a well-designed user interface to: Quickly automate email marketing campaigns Set up conversion funnels Enhance landing pages for a better user interaction You can effectively manage

Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business

So, whether you’re in search of the best email marketing services out there or you have one, but you’re thinking of changing platforms, then this is the post for you. Because in this post, I will share with you 7 of the best email marketing services out there to help you grow your business. So,

What is BIMI record?

BIMI record is used by brands to display the company logo in emails to prove it is legitimate. This will show the recipient that the email is from the authentic sender and helps to avoid scams. Also creates a good user experience, and helps the message stand out in the inbox. Google requirements to display

9 Lead Magnet ideas to build email list

Building an email list is lucrative for any marketer. The larger your email list, the more money you will make. The only bit of a problem with the same is how to make visitors submit their email addresses? For many of you, this is the biggest hindrance to building an email list. The answer is

6 Email Marketing Facts you must know

So many bloggers and marketers use email on a daily basis for variety of reasons, still majority know little to nothing about email marketing evolution, history and fatcs. Here are 6 email marketing facts that will blow your mind. Who sent the first email? The first email was sent in 1971 by computer engineer Raymond

Email Marketing Strategy Comprehensive guide

But is it right for you? If you are promoting a product or service online, or even operating an online store, then email marketing is something that you should definitely start looking into. Not only can email marketing help you increase your sales, but it can help you connect with your customer base in a

How to create good headlines which get clicked

​How to create good headlines ​Headlines are everywhere: ​Blog posts Landing pages ​Email marketing– subject lines Social media ​That’s why it is very important to create attention-grabbing text. Just think about your own behavior and it will make sense. Imagine browsing the news portal,- what is the first text, which you notice and decide if

3 email types you can send to your subscribers

3 email types you can send to your subscribers: 1. Story based emails Used to build relationships with your email list, where you tell the story, of your own, of others, or even combine current world trends and events. Then wrap everything up with the product you are promoting. Links pointing to your own content