Email Marketing Strategy Comprehensive guide

Do you know how to create and execute an effective marketing strategy? With an estimated 270 billion emails being sent daily around the world, there is a lot of competition for people’s attention. There are only so many emails a person can read during a day. In fact, most emails stay unread and ignored, so

How to create good headlines which get clicked

Every entrepreneur blogger and marketer need to send a message and today I will show you How to create good headlines Headlines are everywhere: Blog posts Landing pages Email marketing- subject lines Social media That’s why it is very important to create attention grabbing text. Just think about your own behaviour and it will make

Top 5 calls to action strategies to get more leads and sales

Quick Navigation Top 5 calls to action strategies Scarcity Social proof Likeability Objection Control options Very often bloggers and marketers, who are just starting don’t have a clue what to include in the “message”,- landing pages, sales pages and other content which should persuade visitors to take action. That is why I have decided to

3 email types you can send to your subscribers

Quick Navigation 3 email types you can send to your subscribers Story based emails Content based emails Promotional emails   A lot of times “new baked” marketers don’t really know a lot about email marketing. Someone just told them it is good to build email list, but they have no clue, what information to send,

Email Marketing Terms every marketer should know

  I remember myself, when I was just started being interested in online marketing, reading blog posts, watching webinars about effective business and there were a lot of phrases I could not understand at all. You know that feeling, when someone talks about something really specific in terminology names and words,- honestly, I felt being

5 Reasons Why Your Email List Does Not Convert

Quick Navigation 5 reasons why your email list does not convert 1. You don’t sell enough 2. You don’t sell them what they want 3. You are not speaking in their language 4. Your emails are not being delivered 5. You are marketing to the wrong audience Probably everyone of you heard this phrase: “One

Spam Words in Email Marketing ultimate list

Quick Navigation Spam keywords are labeled such for a reason: Spam words in email marketing ultimate list: BTW watch this video I recently stumbled,- made my day… If you have read my last post about How to stop emails from going into promotions tab on Gmail.  I have mentioned so your headlines and text are

Stop emails from going into Promotions Tab on Gmail

It’s not a secret and many marketers complain about email newsletters and campaign not reaching primary inbox, but instead landing to promotion or spam tabs. In order to help you to stop emails from going into promotions tab on Gmail I have created this post. So today I will share my experience about what’s happening.

How to track links and funnels Clickmagick review

  When I have just started my affiliate marketing journey Ihave had no idea how to track links, so just after a year of pain I have foundand using till now tracking service, which makes my life much easier asinternet marketer,- Clickmagick review.   Click here to Try Clickmagick The problem was I could not